Documents for issuing a visa in Greece

Documents required for Greek visa application.

Multiple entry Shengen visa and Residence Permit for property owners in Greece.

While the property purchase transaction is being finalized and after the title transition contract has been signed, the property buyer is entitled to a multiple entry Shengen visa. This visa entitles him to visit Greece and other countries of Shengen zone several times within the period the visa is valid.

This visa is valid for one year and it can be renewed every year. It entitles the property owner and his family members to stay in Greece and other Shengen countries for no longer than 180 days a year.

Visa application is submitted to the Greek Consulate in the client’s country of residence in person. Also, you may choose to authorize Greekodom Development lawyers to do it for you. They’ll complete all the necessary procedures concerning your visa or residence permit application. All you need to do is to mail us all your documents and a notarized proxy authorizing our staff member to act on your behalf. Visa application service costs 100 Euro.


For self-employed.


For old age pensioners and unemployed.


In case of minors (below the age of 18 years travelling with their own passport)


For minors travelling accompanied by only one parent.


In case of minor travelling unaccompanied by parents.


*In case the property owner is not travelling, he presents a copy of the front page of his passport; if he is travelling as well and he has a valid visa, he presents a copy of his visa.