Swimming pool construction in Greece from Grekodom Development company

A swimming pool next to your own house in Greece which is surrounded by beautiful nature, warmed by the sun 300 days a year and that is comfortable for swimming even in winter – isn’t this a dream come true? Grekodom Development offers you professional assistance in swimming pool design and construction, pool equipment installation and mounting as well as in lining them with different types of tiles. We work in close cooperation with companies specializing in swimming pool equipment supply and swimming pool servicing.

swimming pools construction


1. Based on their location.

2. Based on its level.

3. Based on its construction:

The best solution is to locate your outdoors swimming pool in accordance with the wind rose. You may also want to have some low edge constructed, to avoid dirt getting into the water. But you should keep in mind that a private swimming pool needs a lot of care, and its cleaning also costs some money. For example, once a week you should clean your water filters and vacuum the pool bottom and walls. You may want to do it yourself, or you may hire a specialized company to service, clean and maintain your pool for you. A more practical and cost effective solution is to buy a townhouse within a housing estate that has a communal swimming pool. In this case, all swimming pool servicing costs are shared by the house owners.