Limassol city center will literally change in the coming years! And this is important for those who are planning to buy a house there.

Important news for anyone planning to buy a property in Cyprus - the Department of Environmental Protection of the Republic of Cyprus has approved the idea of modernizing the central and western parts of Limassol.
What is it about? The fact that the most popular tourist center, the mecca of all who dream of living with a view of the sea, will now noticeably “grow”. In the central quarters, high-rise buildings up to 60 meters will appear, in other words, residential buildings up to 12 floors. In the coming years, we will see even larger “skyscrapers” between the bay and the New Port - these will be skyscrapers up to 120 m! In other words, on the future postcards with views of Limassol, over time, we will see 30-story residential buildings and business centers.
So far, the Department's decision has not yet received the status of a working document, but it has already been adopted, and many developers who have been waiting for the approval of their projects for a long time are about to get down to business.


Which parts of the city will change their appearance?

  • Gladstonos, Navarinou and Anexartisias streets, as well as a number of others in the center between Makarios Avenue and the sea. Office buildings, colleges, schools, educational centers predominate here.
  • a kind of "wasteland" that stretches from the edge of the sea to Roosevelt Avenue, the old-timers remember that there used to be wineries here, and today a significant part of the area can be called "abandoned"
  • the segment between the bay and the New Port - if today it can be called an "industrial zone", then in the coming years this area will become a concentration of residential and commercial facilities, as well as tourist-oriented entertainment venues.

How will the look of Limassol center change?

Apparently, experts are right, predicting that real estate in Limassol will look different very soon. Thus, old buildings that are not of historical value will gradually disappear from the city center. However, not all - everything beautiful, but dilapidated will be carefully restored, updated facades will appear before the citizens and tourists.
The reconstruction will not be carried out spontaneously, but according to a strict concept: the city authorities intend to give the popular seaside neighborhoods “more air” and try to "let" the sea view into the streets and squares from which it did not open before. How will this be implemented? The new development will be distinguished by high basement floors that can be seen through.

What constructions to expect in the first place?

For almost five years, many investors have been checking projects designed for implementation in Kanika and near the New Port. It is already known that the City Planning Department has approved as many as six projects in the area, which will result in 15 high-rise buildings, some up to 43 floors.


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