Tishenko Olga

I want to thank Grekodom operatives for their responsiveness, neatness and literacy. We have been owners of property in Chalkidiki of Greece for two and a half years now. The initial purchasing deal was concluded smoothly and without any hiccups. And company representatives Konstantin and Vladimir shielded us from any worries whatsoever and saved us from unnecessary travelling to Greece. Gratitude to Vladimir - the coziness of the apartment is totally on him. He was patient with us like with children during our trips to furniture shops and to other related in house decoration outlets. During our first year of residence we had, naturally, plenty of questions and hurdles - thanks to Grekodom operatives everything was dealt with quickly, calmly. Operatives responded and arrived on any of our calls, or essential specialists were sent in - assisted in resolving any issues. Gratitude to Georgiy, this year issues occurred regarding internet connection and the satellite dish, who patiently and aptly solved those issues. Gratitude to everyone. The entire team: chaps from Grekodom, workmates from their legal department who kept us advised and worked aside all along. We are looking forward to further successful cooperation. Best of luck.)