Ershova Ruzanna

Greetings! My name is Ruzanna, I represent the tourism agency “Arianda-tour” in the city Kemerovo. I participated in the information tour on property in Greece. In the time allocated on that info tour we were able to get acquainted with property projects that Grekodom Development Company recommends. The collection of projects was carried out in such a way that it was possible to view the whole range of choices from apartments, to houses, and cottages, in addition to their structural design as well as price range characteristics. All projects are well presented in their respectful areas where they are located, the quality-price ratio being ideally balanced. The projects shown are conveniently located with regards to essential infrastructure. During the exhibition we received all essential information about their date of construction and, everything related to further exploitation of the projects. I want to express immense gratitude to the company Grekodom Development for organizing the entire tour, for an excellent reception in Greece, for the high class hotel, where we lived. Everything was simply amazing. Special thanks to the company Grekodom Development for the lovely, professional, charming operatives with whom we had the pleasure of meeting and working together: Darya, Georgiy, Yanis, Sergey! Gratitude to the manager of the info-tour Vyacheslav Dyakonov for the ability to gather such a big variance of people who should find it very interesting and comfortable being and working together! Gratitude for our group! Brought back home with me a pile of knowledge and positive resolve for productive working!)