Karpova Ekaterina

Good Day to Everyone!!! My name is Ekaterina. I want to share with everyone our family happiness. I will outline the story of our purchase in order. In June, me and my husband started seeking properties on the island of Korfu. Our first encounter with this wonderful company Grekodom started in Moscow, in the office of Polyanka. Initially we picked our cottage on the Grekodom site, then we started negotiations with representatives of the company, Ekaterina and Artem (I will skip a bit further ahead, these are very welcoming, calm, and warmhearted people who are always willing to assist, starting from an articulate and skilled consultation on one or another issue, and, ending at the organizing the trip itself, visa, tickets etc.) they immediately informed us that the particular project is of a high demand and that there are already negotiations in place with more than one potential buyer and me and my husband after a short thinking period, on the next day, were already in the office and reserved the project for us. Later on we prepared all the formally required preliminary documentation and, in just a week, I flew to Saloniki for the opening of a bank account and the formalization of the remaining documents required to close the deal. Saloniki, in the face of the company Grekodom, and especially in the face of the employees working there (Konstantin and Georgiy) accepted me greatly. I was welcomed in the airport by the representative of the company, who took me to the office in comfort, offered me breakfast on the way, everything following was very well organized, everyone in the office were welcoming, kind and attentive, offered coffee, tea, generally asked if there was anything I desired, just so I could feel comfortable. First point in our schedule was the bank, all documents were prepared by the company Grekodom and opening an account did not take long. Second point was the lawyer, and at this stage too Grekodom performed highly, the lawyer received us at the appointed hour and did not make us wate too long either, while wholeheartedly thanking us for the purchase of the cottage. After everything accomplished I still had two hours at my disposal for a walk-around sightseeing tour. Which was what I did. After which I was escorted (taken) to the airport. All necessary procedure to be done in Thessaloniki I accomplished in three hours, everything very efficiently!!! Later on, upon arrival to Moscow, me and my husband transferred the remaining amount to our account in Greece, informed the necessary tax agency, so that the money could pass the financial monitoring free of problems and in three days were available to the seller. Everything took place without a hiccup, special thanks to our lawyer Maria Papadopoulou – master at her craft!!!! And our dream had come true – we are happy owners of our cottage on the island of Korfu. In two weeks we were flying with our luggage on the way to our wonderful residence. And even here Grekodom kept delighting us, for the part played by the manager of the office on the island of Korfu Christoforos and colleague Valentina. Wanderful and very welcoming guys!!! A lot of attention and his own private time was received from Christoforos starting from from our first encounter in the airport, the shopping for various kitchen and home items, other domestic technology and domestic appliances, supply of electricity and calling in an electrician or a plumber and ending at a relatively small expedition and a hike to Saint Spiridon. Christofor was our guardian angel all the time till we were right into our residence and were well finished with the project entirely!!! Valentin also showed our family a lot of attention, was right next to us all the time if we needed anything and greeted in and escorted out, and why I right in this fashion, saying greeted in and escorting out, all because our dream was made into a reality – we are nowadays flying to our most favourite island of Korfu very frequently, like saying we are visiting our villa)))) and the company Grekodom all the time right there next to us, we are friends with all the guys in Moscow too, in Saloniki and on the island of Korfu. That is why I would like to express all the words of gratitude that exist in the world towards this miraculous company, especially to those people, who are honestly and genuinely working out their souls without a break, because the fruits of their labour suit their efforts!!! Guys you are so clever and wonderful, you are all Aces at your jobs!!!! Breathtaking island, constantly amazing with its beauty!!!! Very open-armed and friendly people – the Greeks themselves!!!! That place inspires the desire to return there again and again and, every time upon arrival, discover for yourself something new and amazing. )