About Cyprus, real estate in Cyprus

Cyprus – an island with a soul

The third largest island in the Mediterranean is attractive for tourists all year round. In the recent years this fertile sunny island is enjoying the leading position in the real estate investment ratings. The end justifies the means: your own part of the Mediterranean or a profitable project can open up worthy prospects.

Cyprus is a land of contrasts and colors, epoch and century, antiquity and modern era, beach coasts and mountainous landscapes, dynamic life of modern cities and authentic tranquility of mountain villages.

The fertile valleys and mountain peaks of Troodos, routes of the past that came from myths and connected legends with the present, well-groomed resort areas and ancient monasteries attracting many pilgrims from different parts of the world - this island is many-sided, but at the same time unique and unique.

What is the attraction of Cyprus for a traveler and a fan of comfortable rest? History, archeological values, sights, testifying to the skillful skills and subtle tastes of creators of different eras. Ancient Greeks, Byzantines, participants in the crusades - different people were on this land, different traces and monuments left them for centuries - from the beautiful cities of antiquity, temple complexes to medieval fortresses.

It is a land with an amazing nature, giving flower beauties and generous harvests. This is an amazing part of the Mediterranean, where you can walk along the mountain forest or along the sea coast, walking to one of the most unusual places on the planet - where the beautiful goddess Aphrodite appeared to the world, where the most secret desires are performed, to where wake up at sunset Wonderful feelings and where you suddenly want to stay and just enjoy life. Maybe that's why for many who have visited Cyprus, the island becomes a bright and clear goal in order to acquire own home and live according to local rules - sunny, hospitable, warm.


Climate in Cyprus is rightfully considered to be one of the most comfortable and healing in the world. With almost 300 days of sunshine, it is sunny here and the skies are clear. Even during calendar winter days, the temperature on the thermometer does not show lower than +15°C.

Cyprus is extremely beautiful in Spring: in February – March, the colors of the blooming flowers make it colorful, lively and inspiring.

During the summer period, the temperatures reach up to +35°C, marking the peak of the beach season, when the island welcomes thousands of tourists, coming here to swim in the crystal-clear water and tan on cozy beaches.

During the autumn days, when the peak of high temperatures is over, and Cyprus cools down with the refreshing sea breeze, it is comfortable to hike, walk, go on excursions, get acquainted with the local gastronomy and winemaking traditions of the island.

Gastronomic traditions

The cuisine of the island is the embodiment of the lifestyle and the habits accumulated over centuries. Cypriots do not like rushing in such an important matter, as cooking and enjoying the meal, whether it is a homemade everyday meal or during large festive celebrations. By combining their love for the sea, treasures of nature and the harvests, given by the patiently cultivated land, Cypriot gastronomic delights are numerous, plenty and delicious! You can be an omnivorous fan of gourmet dining, have a special love for seafood or even be a strict vegetarian – dishes of Cyprus satisfy any gastronomic requests. Fresh produce, variety of vegetables, local spices, olive oil, make local dishes not only delicious, but also healthy and nutritious.


In Cyprus, you drive on the left-hand side of the right. Cities and popular resorts are connected with a network of roads that are comfortable for traveling with a car or on a bus.

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