About Grekodom

Grekodom Development: services and projects in the field of construction, development, sale and rental of real estate in Greece and Cyprus.

Company's mission

To create an active investment real estate market in Greece and Cyprus based on our own successful experience in providing real estate, construction and development services based on a conscientious, transparent and impeccable attitude towards each client.


  • Improve the range of all services provided
  • Build long-term fruitful relationships with partners
  • Increase the base of real estate objects
  • Expand the geography of the company / offices
  • Develop and implement new projects in the field of development and investment 

Advantages of Grekodom Development:

  • Database of 35 thousand properties
  • Full range of services: from selection of property to after-sale services
  • Adapted for all types of gadgets site in 15 languages
  • High level of service and quality of services
  • Reliability and punctuality
  • Representative offices in 14 countries
  • More than 2600 partners in Europe, Asia and the CIS


History of development

1995 - Mouzenidis Group establishment

2006 - Mouzenidis Real Estate establishment

2013 - Rebranding to Grekodom Development.

2015 - International practice, access to the European and Asian markets.

2016 - Beginning of work in the South Cyprus region.

2017 - Beginning of the construction of the largest project in Northern Greece, Kriaritsi.


The services

  • Free consultations on the acquisition of real estate in Greece and Cyprus.
  • Selection of land and real estate at the request of the buyer.
  • Consultations on obtaining residence permit in Greece and citizenship in Cyprus.
  • Design, construction, reconstruction and finishing of turnkey projects.
  • Investment projects in real estate.
  • Real estate management in the absence of the owner (security, care, leasing)
  • Landscape design.

* Legal and consulting services are provided by the partner company MBGcs .


Geography of the company

Grekodom Development offices are represented in 29 cities around the world:

  • Greece - Athens, Thessaloniki, Chalkidiki (5 offices), Crete (3 offices), Corfu, Pieria (Paralia Katerini)
  • Russia - Moscow (2 offices), St. Petersburg, Kazan
  • Ukraine - Kiev, Kharkov
  • Cyprus - Limassol
  • France - Strasbourg
  • United Arab Emirates - Dubai and Abu Dhabi
  • Bulgaria - Sofia
  • Serbia - Belgrade
  • Poland - Warsaw
  • Georgia - Tbilisi
  • Armenia - Yerevan
  • Kazakhstan - Astana
  • Kyrgyzstan - Bishkek
  • Iran - Tehran



  • Increase in the number of transactions to 450 per year
  • Creation of the most extensive real estate base in Greece
  • Participation in exhibitions in Russia, Ukraine, Kazakhstan, Greece, China, France, England, Lebanon, Cyprus and other countries
  • Conducting field seminars for a network of partners
  • Conducting advertising and information tours for partners in Greece
  • Professional recognition - nomination "Best brokerage company on the foreign real estate market - 2015" (Russia)
  • Professional recognition - a victory in the nomination "Best brokerage company for overseas real estate - 2016" (Russia)
  • Winning in the national competition CREDO-2017 with the project Kriaritsi in the nomination "Best foreign exclusive project" (Russia). 



  • Hellenic Association of Realtors (HAR)

  • Russian Guild of Realtors

  • Association of Realtors of Ukraine



Grekodom Development A.E
57001 Greece,Thessaloniki 14th km Thessaloniki- Nea Mihaniona 
Acc 5223-063594-617 
IBAN GR83 0172 2230 0052 2306 3594 617 
VAT number: 800520960 

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