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Decoration and Design

Rich colors of Greek nature – its soft sun that warms up your house 300 days a year, the pristine azure sea and brightest green of pine forests are reflected in interior decoration and design solutions.

Greek Style Design

Greek style implies first of all its archaic simplicity. That is why comfort and practicality are integral part of a Greek house interior. Solid furniture decorated with hand carving, low chairs, cupboards made of light colored wood are typical of a Greek house. In a country house you can also see some outdoors furniture decorated with textile or wicker and cane furniture.

Textile is not widely used in Greek style interior decoration. But great attention is paid to curtains, even though all windows are equipped with shutters. All textiles used for interior decoration are of natural origin. Blinders are also made of natural materials such as bamboo or wood, or roman shutters are used as an alternative. Textile is often used for bedroom decoration: there you can see luxurious hand embroided bed covers and lacy pillowcases.

Greek style décor is also characterized by a vast number of functional accessories:  numerous ceramic vases, amphorae with typical painted ornaments and low decorative tables. In the hall corners of a large house you can also see columns, plain or with decorative heads.

Decoration and Design


In house decoration, preference is given to colors which are close to nature: white, lemon yellow, bluish-green and emerald green and bright red. On Cyclades and Dodecanese islands white and blue colors dominate in interior decoration. These light colors are chosen not for their beauty or for being in trend, they are another practicality: walls painted this way reflect most of the sun’s rays, and the house stays cool even on hottest days. Light colored stones are also acceptable for fire place or kitchen walls decoration. Hand painted ceramic tiles give a unique flavor to Mediterranean kitchens.

Floor is usually covered with matt non-glazed tiles, especially if the house is located on the sea shore. Sometimes marble mosaic panels or ornamental freeze are used to accentuate the unique atmosphere of the house. Wooden floors are very rare; they can only be seen in big city apartments or houses. Plaster-covered walls (which are good at resisting the sun and sea breeze) and marble floor play an important role in interior decoration.

Greek style came into existence on Aegean Sea coast and it gave birth to such trends as classical or new classical style and Renaissance. It is totally acceptable for a modern apartment or a modern house

Decoration and Design

Grekodom Development offers you a wide range of interior decoration and design services. Our staff members will help you create your dream house, they will offer you various design solutions in any style you choose (including Greek style) and they will help you choose your furniture and interior ornaments and accessories. Our construction professionals’ expertise guarantees the highest quality of any construction work they perform in your house in shortest time you fix. We guarantee that both you and your family will enjoy staying in your Greek house.

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