Architectural planning in Greece

Designing of the residential and public buildings is a starting stage that precedes the start of construction, it is a complex and time-consuming process that requires high-quality knowledge and skills of professionals engaged in it. Only with the architectural and construction project a construction may start or a replanning of the existing building.

The Company Grekodom Development provides services upon the design of residential buildings, as well as non residential complexes. Designing of the residential buildings is a multilateral process involving the preparation of architectural and construction project, the design of heating system, electricity and water supply, sewerage system, air conditioning and ventilation.

Designing and construction are carried out in full compliance with the rules and regulations that allow further building’s setting to work. Only with the complete detailed project documentation for residential or non residential buildings, starting from the architectural layout and completing with the project plan of the providing functioning systems, we can start the construction.

Designing of the construction object implies the obligatory presence of two components: sketch plan and working design. The first one includes documents for discussion and coordination with the architect, a working design is the basis of the construction company and is the epitome of all approvals and changes made at the stage of sketch plan. In any way, the presence of the project ensures the understanding and implementation in full of your ideas and plans of architects.

By creating a 3-dimensional model of the house, facade solutions in four image planes, an architect takes into account the possible and the necessary requirements and standards for the house, used materials, engineering networks, ventilation, etc. Then, after obtaining a building permit, the foundation type is calculated according to the type of land geology, the calculation of walls and ceilings, roof structures. The result of this work will be professionally designed project of your dreams - a house in the country of gods and mythical heroes.

Stages of the designing

In order to obtain the highest quality result, which will fully comply with the customer's request, a drawing up of the architectural project occurs by the following progressive stages:

  • elaboration and coordination with the customer of the architectural concept of the building.

At this point the client's wishes are specified and the major decisions of the project, the size and total floor area of the house are discussed, set-up of the building, a scheme of functional zoning of the building is created

  • creating of the sketch plan

By the sketch plan we do not mean the preliminary freehand sketches. The options for planning decisions are discussed, plans, front elevation drawing, sectional view of a building, with due consideration of all the sizes, the areas are calculated. On the one hand, this is the stage of "birth" of architectural ideas of the future house, on the other – it is a partly designed architectural plan, which has already worked out in detail before the complete architectural and construction project.

At this stage, object binding to the area is made, a general layout of the land is created.

  • Preparing of the planning and construction design documentation

An architectural plan of the project is drawn up, construction plans (foundation, floor structure, rafter system etc.), projects of engineering systems. At this stage, creativity gives way to rationality: it is important that all the applied in the object were optimal in terms of construction costs and, at the same time, take into account the available modern technologies and materials.

  • Coordination of the project in the supervisory bodies
  • Obtaining a building permit in Greece
  • Сonstruction design supervision and technical supervision

It is required for the minimizing of the risks during the construction and avoiding of making the wrong decisions at the design stage.

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