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Property investment in Greece is one of the most profitable types of investment. It applies mainly to the property located in sea resort areas such as Khalkidhiki Peninsula and Greek Islands, because Greece is first and for most famous for its unique turquoise sea and golden beaches awarded the EU “Blue Flags” for their safety and cleanliness. It accounts for the fact that property situated on the sea shore and close to popular recreation areas attracts most attention.

We would like to offer you to participate in long and short term investment projects implemented on a large and small scale. Each project is developed based on detailed market research and on vast experience our partners gained while implementing large scale investment projects in Greece.

Main Stages of Investment in Greece.

Property market research.

Land purchase (on condition that the project development is allowed on this site).

Site survey and design plans and specifications development, including mapping of service lines. Construction approval and obtaining necessary permissions from local authorities.

Initial cycle of construction.

House construction and finishing.

Close area planning and improvement. Elimination of possible defects.


Investment in Construction offers following advantages:

Low costs;

Most projects are sold off-plan and accept payment by installments;

Prices raise in proportion with project completion. It accounts for the fact that buyers who signed their property purchase contract at initial stages of its construction pay less than those who sign similar contracts later, and their profit may amount to 20%.


Property located on the first sea line with no other buildings blocking its sea view is assured to be in popular demand with prospective buyers.


We would like to invite investors, future property owners and other business people to participate in our joint development and construction projects.