Investing in real estate in Greece 2024


Grekodom Development has been operating in the investment market in Greece for over 13 years, offering its clients a full range of development services available to date in the country. Among the investment projects of the company, aiming at ensuring a stable income for the owner, investments that are worth highlighting are those into the hospitality industry, purchase of a ready business, commercial properties and apartments that will be re-sold or leased.


Greece is first of all a country of an unsurpassed turquoise sea and beaches with golden sand, awarded with “Blue Flags” by the EU for their cleanness and safety, so an increased demand of investors for purchase and construction of real estate located on the coastline and not far from popular vacation spots, is quite logical.

Investing in real estate in Greece is one of the most profitable investment types. First of all, this is regarding resort real estate, located on Halkidiki peninsula and multiple islands found in Greece.


We would like to offer you to participate in projects of various scale and duration of the investment period. The development of each investment project is mostly based on a detailed market research, as well as the experience of our partners in the implementation of major investment projects in Greece.


Kriaritsi is a unique project offered by Grekodom Development, located on an ecologically clean coast of Sithonia peninsula, in a picturesque region. Each land plot in Kriaritsi has an area of 500 sq.m. and a permit for constructing the main building of 120 sq.m. Purchasing real estate in Kriaritsi is a profitable and reliable financial investment.

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Hotel business

An example of investments in the hospitality industry is the most exemplary. The growth in profitability of resort real estate is guaranteed in Greece for many years to come, while the pricing dynamics allow to enjoy significant benefits from the property, even within a year after the purchase. However, the re-sale is not the most profitable investment option.

Investment projects in hospitality real estate by Grekodom Development have an advantage, as the company is member of Mouzenidis Group, the largest tourist group of companies in Greece, that has under its management, a hotel chain, called Bomo Hotels. This gives the client an opportunity to have their expensive asset under professional management, ensuring high profits, as well as years of experience of property management under a hospitality brand that is well-known in Greece. 

A ready business

Grekodom Development company has extensive experience in investment projects through purchase of ready businesses in Greece. The success of such type of investment is guaranteed by a wide variety of additional services, such as legal assistance, related to the registration, re-registration, liquidation of legal entities, consulting services, audits, business appraisal and evaluation, and brokerage services.

A client of Grekodom Development purchases a ready business only after a comprehensive analysis and expert evaluation, where we evaluate the reliability of the information provided by the owners regarding the real value of the properties and the projected profits, and provide the client with detailed information (location, number of units, fixed and other assets, business reputation, etc.)


Some of the most profitable investments offered by Grekodom Development include the acquisition of commercial premises and residential real estate with the purpose of further re-sale or leasing. The company disposes a wide variety of such type of offers, ranging from new buildings in the first construction fund, and up to premises that require complete renovation or reconstruction.



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