Real estate management in Greece

After completion of all formalities, you became a happy owner of the property in Greece, and what comes next? Most companies shake your hand and tell you goodbye and hardly ever meet you again. But you need to buy the furniture, connect the phone and the Internet, make a landscape design or build a small outdoor swimming pool, familiarize with local traditions... And who would look after your house while you are away and clean it before your arrival?

The Grekodom Development solves all these issues and even more, because the primary goal of all companies of Mouzenidis Group is to make your acquaintance with Greece as pleasant and comfortable as possible.

The post-sales services of our company are:

  • Care for your property (aeration, checking of the safety items, cleaning at the intervals specified in the contract, etc.).
  • Payment of utility bills
  • The necessary works
  • Provision of information to the owner about the status of the property
  • Assistance in hiring staff
  • House and land improvement
  • Provide assistance in the acquisition of furniture, household appliances and so on.
  • Organization of cosmetic or major repairs
  • Organization of protection and installation of alarm systems
  • In case of emergency call of electrician, plumber, etc.
  • Consultations on various issues.

Housing services for the customers of the Grekodom Development Company

The Post-Sales Service of the Grekodom Development Company is engaged with the issues of the housing and communal character. The activity of this department is to manage real estate in Greece and connect all the utilities that are necessary for all those who purchased property. Our company represents the interests of our clients in Greece and makes the connection to the customer's power supply, water supply, as well as the Internet (optional).

Payment Methods

In order our company can carry out the activities on behalf of our clients, the documents such as sale and purchase contract and power of attorney on behalf of clients are required. The payments of the bills can be carried out from the deposit left by the owner for this purpose, as well as remotely - through the offices of the Grekodom Development and Mouzenidis Travel.


Once connected, the clients take to their e-mails the receipts for each service provided. The originals of these receipts will be deposited in the archives of our headquarters in Thessaloniki. Upon request, you can have access to them at any time.

Payment of the Utility Bills in Greece

The electricity bill includes (is sent once every two months, the amount is determined in accordance with parameters of the counter):

  • monthly subscription fee,
  • garbage removal,
  • the needs of the municipality,
  • tax for the TV.

The water bill includes (is sent every four months in Thessaloniki, and every six months in the region of Chalkidiki, the amount is determined according to the parameters of the counter every four months):

  • monthly subscription fee,
  • the needs of the municipality.

The address of the delivery of the customers’ bills is fixed the address of the central office of the Grekodom Development Company. 

Property Management Services Agreement

To carry out any after-sales services offered by Grekodom Development, the property management services agreement should be concluded, which definitizes its their subject (list and amount of services), content (rights and obligations of the parties), as well as timing and other typical elements of an official document. Based on this agreement, the client sends us the keys to the property.

We offer you to find a brief description of services provided in the case of conclusion of an agreement, as well as of the benefits and privileges of the cooperation with our company.

The property management includes the listed below services:

 1. Inspection of the property, water, electricity supply. You can easily go about your business at homeland, knowing that your property abroad is visited once a month by an authorized employee of the Grekodom Development company, and all possible problems, depending on the severity are eliminated on the spot, or are brought to your attention immediately.

2. Notification of the owner in the event of problems - timely notifying of possible problems, the definition of the cost of repairing through consultation with qualified personnel. With your consent and approval of the conditions and necessary expenses, all defects will be corrected.

3. Air change. With your long absence, the indoors are suffering from dampness and its side effects. One visit per month will be enough to avoid unpleasant odors and adverse consequences of dampness.

4. Payment of current accounts. Payment of utility bills, as well as tax revenues, is done in a timely manner and without additional cost of 10 euro for each account that is required in the absence of this agreement.

5. Photos of the condition of the property. By signing the agreement, the owner receives the photo report by e-mail at the end of each calendar month.

The cost and terms of the contract

The cost of the inspection depends on the location and the area of the property.
If you would like us to calculate the cost for your property and send you offer, please write to the following email address:

Additional services that can be included in the agreement:

  • Home improvement in Greece after the purchase
  • Installation of an alarm system
  • Services in connection to the control of security agencies
  • Basic maintenance and repair
  • Care of the property in Greece
  • Care of the garden and surrounding area (depending on the area of ​​the plot and the number of trees on it)
  • Cleaning and maintenance of swimming pools (depending on the season)
  • Preparing of the house to the arrival of the owner (the client must inform the company a week before)
  • Mediation services in filing the annual income tax return
  • Mediation services of the accountant, notary, lawyer, interpreter
  • Mediation services in the delivery of diesel and firewood (the client must inform the company a week before)
  • Mediation services of VIP-transfer.

Any additional services are considered individually, and at the client's option are added to the agreement.


Internet connection

Our company also provides services of the connection to the Internet. There are several ways:

1) Fixed connection

The term connection is about a month. There are two types of fixed connection:

A. Connect under the contract with a minimum term of one year.

B. Connect under the contract for a period of six months - from 01 June to 30 September, plus one month on the New Year holidays and one month for the Easter holidays.

When fixed connection except for the internet, you have the free calls of 250 minutes to the stationaries and 30 minutes to the mobile phones a month all over the Greece. As well as free caller ID of incoming calls and 2 months of free antivirus protection.                                   

2) Flash drives or mini-router

A) Flash drives

The minimum term of connection is 12 months (simultaneous connection of up to 10 devices). The maximum data transmission rate is 21 Mbps, limited maximum volume of 20 GB per month.

B) Mini routers

Restricting the amount of information is 20 GB per month (each additional GB, after the standard 20 per month, is paid in addition).

3) Satellite Internet

This method is offered under the condition of the contract conclusion for two years, and, at the same time, plus the fact that the equipment is free of charge. The cost of connection is included in the first bill. The cons of it (that at the same time can be pros for someone) is that after the monthly volume of full access is suspended. Also, some "package" offer the unlimited use of the Internet available from 00:00 to 06:00.

If the customer does not wish to conclude the agreement for the provision of property management services, our company provides single ones services of management and care of the real estate, upon request and without signing an agreement. For example, the payment of electricity bills will cost 10 euro.

If you have any further questions, you can always consult our specialists.

Follow this link and read and print the Property Management Services Agreement that is signed with the private individuals and Property Management Services Agreement that is signed with the legal entities.

Enjoy life in Greece, and let us take care of all your needs!

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