Reconstruction services

Reconstruction of buildings is a complex of organizational and construction works, construction installation works, including a rather wide range of possible measures - modernization, demolition, outbuilding and additional structures of the several floors. The reconstruction is performed, if some improvements in living are necessary, as well as increase of efficiency of functioning, increasing of the volume of a building and for other purposes. It is also required when the loads on building are increasing temporary or permanently, underground facilities and buried structures are developing, as well as in the event of deterioration of structure or changes in the state of ground.

During the reconstruction it is possible to make changes in the functionality of the building, in quantity and quality of the indoor premises, to increase the total area of ​​the building and to develop the underground space.

By the specialists of the company Grekodom Development can be carried out a full range of works on reconstruction of a variety of objects. An important role is given to provide a given level of solidity and durability of all the volumes destined for the reconstruction of the building.

Work on the reconstruction of objects of the different types can include a variety of activities ranging from simple repair works and finishing with the technically complex processes that requires time-consuming engineering interventions and high-level training of direct executors.

For you the specialists of our company can implement the following types of reconstruction work:

  • architectural replanning of the interior space without affecting the load-bearing structural elements
  • replacement or enhancement of bearing structural elements of the construction object
  • building extension of the additional squares or increasing the number of floors of the building in accordance with its constructional capability
  • replacement of the worn-out technological and engineering equipment and communications
  • improvement of the architectural expression of the building, reconstruction of facades, finishes and replacement of the elements
  • dismantling of structure
  • replacement of windows and doors, changing their location
  • improved thermal and acoustic insulation of premises

During the reconstruction a number of important factors is taken into account such as deterioration of the building, the technical condition of structural components, the volume of capital investments in reconstruction and the possible effect, the presence of investor, the timing of the proposed reconstruction and other.

Our company is ready to carry out the reconstruction of the objects of any type quickly and accurately and to produce work that fully meet the industrial, professional, private interests, as well as the requirements for fire and technical safety and adequate sanitation, technical and environmental standards.

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