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Недвижимость на п-ове Халкидики

Northern Greece offers its visitor a magic combination of various views and landscapes: its mountain ranges give way to olive groves in its valleys, and its lakes and sea resorts border on thick pine forests. Numerous tourists from all over the world come here to visit the legendary Mount Olympus and to enjoy the turquoise water of the Aegean Sea. Northern Greece mild climate makes it possible to enjoy its wonderful beaches from April till October; in winter, visitors are welcome at local ski and spa resorts which are quite popular as well.

Chalkidhiki is by all means most popular with Greek and foreign visitors as compared to other parts of Northern Greece. The area is often called a “heaven on earth”, and it deserves this name due to its natural beauty, mild climate and comfortable sea resorts. Its beaches rank among the best in Europe, they’ve been awarded EU “Blue Flags” for their cleanliness. Local quiet and warm sea is ideal for children and for all possible kinds of water sports. Active night life with its numerous bars, clubs and discos doesn’t come into conflict with the peace and serenity of some quiet sports where the visitor can enjoy the untouched beauty of local nature. Chalkidhiki Mountains are covered with thick woods, and they stay in perfect harmony with the crystal clear water of the Aegean Sea. Traditional villages that managed to preserve their old traditions neighbor modern towns and sea resorts bursting with activity.

Chalkidhiki peninsula has three prongs. The Greek call them “fingers”, or “legs”. Like Poseidon’s trident, they lie across the quiet waters of the Aegean Sea.

Kassandra Real Estate

Kassandra is probably the best known of all Chalkidhiki “legs”, and most people buy their property here. Every village or sea resort here has its own charm and spirit. Their long beaches and comfortable hotels lie close to its villages, and their home like atmosphere welcomes their annual lot of visitors. Kassandra features better developed infrastructure as compared to Chalkidhiki’s other “legs”. Most sea resorts and hotels are located here, and new buildings are most actively erected here as well. Due to the rich choice of recreation opportunities, this “leg” stays in great demand with young people. Families with kids also like it here: its crystal clear sea has a gently sloping ground which makes it safe for children. As for their parents, they will have a splendid chance to taste local excellent fish and seafood and to enjoy Greek dishes in traditional local taverns.

Real Estate in Chalkidiki

Your Kassandra property becomes a kind of a jumping off board of your very own, and you can use it to travel and explore the rest of the country. It’s a sea resort with a number of small villages spread all over its lands, and each village has its own rich history.

Real estate in Kalithea village means that you are going to live in a spot which is considered the most active place in Chalkidhiki peninsula. Young people from all over the world come here to enjoy its night life which goes full swing here. Greek pop stars also frequent this place and perform in local bars and clubs. In high season Kalithea streets are as crowded at night as they are in day time. The village itself is very picturesque: its narrow twisting streets are lined up with numerous palm trees, and it has a stunning sea view and a small park with a fountain. Which is no wonder; because in Greek, Kalithea means, “beautiful view”, and the village does it best to match its name. Local historical sites and ancient temples (Zeus Ammonas’ and St.Panteleimon’s) are also worth a visit.

If you prefer a quieter and more peaceful lifestyle with no fussing around, Chanyoti village is a better choice.

Despite the fact that the village looks serene and peaceful, lots of bars, cafes and discos open here in summer time. The village is not too far from Kalithea, so real estate in Chanyoti sounds a good capital investment.

Real Estate in Chalkidiki

Sani ranks among the world’s most popular sea resorts. Well known hotel chains Sani Resort and G-hotels have constructed their hotels in this village (Porto Sani Village & Spa, Sani Asterias Suites, Sani Beach Club, Sani Beach Hotel & Spa, Simantro Beach hotel and (Macedonian Sun Hotel, Athos Palace Hotel, Pallini Beach Hotel, Theophano Imperial Palace) which also testifies to its popularity. Sheer perfection of Sani nature, its purest air, lavish vegetation and excellent beaches give it a special charm and spirit. After you bought your property in Sani, you can make a 2.5 hour trip along a good mountain road running through think forests and enjoy its marvelous views over Sani sea reserve and a turtle rookery on the banks of a small lake.

Furka village offers its visitors its traditional houses, ancient churches and a thick pine forest. 16th century pained houses have survived here as well as a parish church dating back to 1830. Their old frescos, like an ancient manuscript, call for quiet consideration, and the old village church welcomes every visitor with its peace and serenity. If you like to visit this magic place again and again, Grekodom Development can offer you some property in Furka which looks quite interesting.

Nea Skioni is another ancient village. It was founded right after the Trojan War, and it is considered one of first colonies founded by the Greek. Prothesileos, an ancient hero mentioned in Homer’s Iliad, is believed to be its founder. Modern Nea Skioni is a tranquil sea shore village, and its real estate is a good capital investment if you are fond of quiet and peaceful life style. The village is surrounded with olive tree groves, and its beach wins a new EU “Blue Flag” almost every year.

Pevkochori village is also located in Kassandra. It lies right in the middle of a pine forest which accounts for its newly acquired nickname – Pine Forest Village. A local 19th century church is worth a visit. If you consider buying property in Kassandra, don’t neglect Pevkochori: its abundant pine trees and its fresh and clear air are good for your health,

Polichrono village is located in the greener part of Kassandra eastern coast. If you take a road to some local little towns, you will have an astonishing panorama of an ancient town excavation site (7th century BC) and of an ancient graveyard (5th century BC). Modern Polichrono offers its visitors abundant recreation opportunities. Mavrobara lake is one of its popular attractions.

Kassandra peninsula will surprise you with its rich choice in property. This “leg” is many-sided indeed. Various types of activities are available here, and you won’t have a single idle moment or a single chance to feel bored. The locals are friendly and sociable, just like in any other part of Greece. You will feel welcome, and that’s another good reason to consider buying property here.

Sithonia Real Estate

Sithonia is not so highly developed as Kassandra and it’s a quieter part of Chalkidiki Peninsula. It is covered with pine forests and its excellent beaches are indented with secluded picturesque coves. Its nature tunes you for quiet rest.

Sithonia is the second prong of Chalkidiki peninsula. Peace and serenity reign here. Sithonia property is bought for the most part by the people who prefer peace and tranquility to all kinds of loud activities. In this part of peninsula you can see vast areas of untouched nature. Sithonia offers its visitor all possible shades of green and blue and its sea symphony as well as wonderful pictures created by its sand and sunshine.

Legends say that Sithonia was named after Sithon, the son of Poseidon, ancient Greek sea god. Apart from its harmonious nature, the peninsula has a lot more to offer, including its various types of property as well as its fashionable hotels. Porto Karras in Neos Marmara is one of them. Lots of celebrities from all over the world spend their vacations there.

Nikiti village is one of the oldest in Chalkidiki peninsula. It is located north of Sithonia, 39km from Nea-Mudania, between Methamorphosi and Neos Marmara villages. It splits into two parts:  Old Town lies up a hill and New Town goes down to the sea. It is more advisable to buy property in New Town, because of its shorter distance to the sea and properties are not so old there. Agriculture and tourism are main industries and the village is also famous for its excellent honey. Nikiti coast line runs for 30km, its sea is crystal clear and its beaches are beautiful. Friday is a market day: the local market stays open till 1 o’clock and local goodies are sold there. Nikiti offers a good choice of property, starting from economy class apartments and ending up with luxurious villas you can rent out later.

Neos Marmaras is the most famous village in Sithonia peninsula. It lies between Nikiti and Toroni villages. Neos Marmara started to grow more actively recently, after the construction of the luxurious hotel complex ''Porto Karras sea resort'' nearby. The village looks like an ancient amphitheatre, with a small bay shaping its centre. Buying a property in Neos Marmaras has a lot of advantages: it has a lot of taverns, bard and restaurants as well as different shops and street musicians and artists invade the city centre at night. This place is ideal for families with children who want to buy or rent property here.

Gerakini village is located 14km from Polygiros. It’s an ideal starting point for sightseeing tours going to any other part of Chalkidiki Peninsula: to Kassandra, Sithonia and Athos. It’s not too far from Thessaloniki either, so if you choose Gerakini property, you’ll have a wonderful chance to travel every prong of the peninsula and to explore its historical sites. Gerakini is not as popular with tourists as other Sithonia villages, but it also offers a good choice of bars, restaurants, taverns and shops.

Vurvuru is another small village located between Ormos Panagias and Sarti villages. This place features natural beauty with its small coves, sandy beaches, thick forests and natural caves. Local see is not deep which makes it ideal for children. It also offers good diving opportunities: local coral reefs lie 18-20 meters deep only. You can buy property here, or rent if for summer and enjoy the beauty of this magic place. In summer time Vurvuru opens numerous taverns, bars and restaurants – just like any other Chalkidiki village.

Property in Sithonia is an ideal choice if you love peaceful and moderate life style. And if you decide that you need some activity, you can easily reach Kassandra, another famous peninsula, where life starts at night. And after a few active hours spent there you’ll be happy to go back to the peace of your own cozy home. 

Athos Real Estate

Athos (Agios Oros), the third prong of Chalkidiki peninsula, attracts a lot of attention due to its unique Monastic State of Agion Oros, or Holy Mount where 20 Orthodox monasteries are located. Entry is allowed to men only, and ladies have no other choice as to admire the monastery from their boat.

This part of peninsula shrouds in peace and serenity; even sea water is considered holy here. It looks totally idyllic, and once you arrive here, the vanity of the outer world cease to exist. You visit Chalkidiki once, and you fall in love with it forever.

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