Pros of Residence Permit

Live in Greece without restrictions during the validity of the permit, without being obliged to become its tax resident

Freely travel within the Schengen area and live in its territory for 90 (ninety) days every six months

Have access to public health services in Greece

Have access to the public education system in Greece

Types of Residence Permit

This residence permit allows foreigners to reside on the territory of Greece and to travel freely throughout the Schengen area, but does not provide the right to work
◆ Residence permit in Greece for financially independent persons

1) Visa of type D

It is necessary to provide the following package of documents:


Health certificate with Apostille stamp

Certificate of criminal record with Apostille stamp

An official document confirming a permanent official monthly income of two thousand euros (2.000,00 euros) and above, with a surcharge of 20% of the above amount for the spouse and 15% for each minor child

2) Upon arrival in Greece with visa of type D

It is necessary to provide the following package of documents:


Two (2) color photographs whose specifications are identical to passport photos, on paper, and also in the digital format JPEG2000 on an optical disc (CD)

Certified copy of a valid passport or travel document.

State duty in electronic form in accordance with the provisions of Article 132 of Law 4251/2014, where necessary.

Health insurance agreement with a private Greek insurance company, where it is permitted by applicable law.

Official documents confirming that the person concerned has sufficient means of subsistence in the form of a stable annual income, the amount of which is determined by a joint decision of the ministers

◆ Residence permit in Greece for property owners

It is necessary to provide the following package of documents:

Passport with a valid visa of any Schengen member country

Purchase and sale agreement on the property and the certificate of the agreement’s registration in the competent Land Register


Copy of the notarial contract of rent of tourists’ accommodation

Certificate of registration issued by the competent Land Registry in which the relevant lease agreement is registered


Purchase and sale agreement of an agricultural or land plot and a construction contract for the construction / reconstruction of an apartment building, registered with the tax authority, and

Building permit issued in the name of the applicant, and

Invoices of the builder / constructors and the corresponding receipts for payment,


Lease agreement concluded for a period of not less than ten years and

Certificate of registration issued by the competent Land Register, and

Certificate issued by the Hellenic National Tourist Organization that it was informed of the conclusion of the lease agreement


Visa type D (certificate of criminal record, minimum monthly income 2,000.00 euros)

Official bank document confirming that the person concerned has an amount corresponding to a minimum of funds sufficient for the existence of his personal bank account in Greece.

Lease agreement or a sales contract of any value.

The owed payment is also allowed.

The residence permit is issued for a period of two years with the possibility of a subsequent extension for three years

The right to residence permits is given to minors under 18 years of age

The period of compulsory stay in the country is not established


Type C visa issued by any Schengen member country

The availability of funds in a bank account in Greece is not a condition

Purchase and sale agreement or lease worth more than 250.000,00 euros. Full payment of the cost is made by bank transfer.

The residence permit is issued for a period of five years

The right to residence permit is granted to children under 21 years of age and the applicants' parents

The period of compulsory stay in the country is not established

Cost of residence permit in Greece


2000€ + governmental fee


1000€ + governmental fee


1000€ + governmental fee


1000€ + governmental fee

7 basic steps for obtaining a residence permit

Gathering of all necessary documents in the country of residence
Arrival in Greece
Signing a power of attorney to an authorized lawyer and purchase of medical insurance
Translation of documents and their submission to the corresponding authorities
Receiving the receipt of a “blue certificate” confirming the submission of documents
Fingerprinting at the corresponding authorities
Issuance of electronic plastic card (Residence Permit)

Since February 20th, 2017, a new sample of residence permits has been introduced. In particular, the residence permit will no longer be issued as a sticker in the passport, from now on it is a separate document that has the form of an electronic card and includes the owner's biometric data (digital face image and two digital fingerprints), and the RF Chip (RF Chip) to store this data.

Electronic residence permit is designed as a secure document, with high standards, which provides all necessary guarantees against a possible forgery.

◆ Residence permit in Greece for general directors, directors and alternates

A certified photocopy of the employment contract, which indicates the period of employment, the position held in the company of the third country and the monthly salary, which should be no less than that of unskilled workers, as determined by the relevant National General Collective Labor Contract.

◆ Residence permit in Greece for board members, managers and legal representatives

A copy of the publication of the State Gazette, where the appointment or election is published, and in case of unpublished - a copy of the company's Articles of Incorporation or a copy of the decision of the competent body of the company to appoint or elect members of the management board, managers or legal representatives.

The reference of the parent company or the body that determines the income, which indicates the amount of income.

Detailed and attentive acquaintance with the nuances of both the process of buying real estate and after-sale is possible with the competent support of experts of the real estate market, as well as lawyers of MBGcs will provide competent assistance in preparing documents for obtaining a residence permit in Greece and submitting documents to immigration services.