Life on Cyprus

 On the one hand, Cyprus is a European country that is democratic and judicial. The politicians are honest, the courts are independent, and the judicial system carries on the British traditions that remain since the time when Cyprus was a British colony (prior to 1960’s).


On the other hand, life on Cyprus can be characterized as open and light, the complete opposite to the heavy spirit of pedantism and rigid rules. This is certainly influenced by the rather small size of the country, where there are no traffic jams on the streets and people personally know each other. And it is truly important that Cyprus is a country located in the South, it is sunny and warm, where both the nature and the climate itself give people a lot of positive emotions. When choosing Cyprus for your future home, when purchasing real estate, many buyers note this factor: the country illuminates the desired sincerity, homely coziness, while at the same time there is order and organization of various aspects of life and business spheres.

What are Cypriots like?

Certainly, the size of the country and its generous climate are far from being the most important. Cyprus would have never become a place that attracts people from all over the world, if its wasn’t for its wise, cheerful and welcoming citizens. There are no homes for the elderly, or orphanages, there are no homeless or disadvantaged. It is not only about the high living standards, but in the mentality and ancient traditions that are rooted in the centuries-old history of the island.

Cypriots are true inhabitants of the Mediterranean, they have absorbed and internalized the traditions of all the people who traded here, defended the land, lived here during the long history stretching back over 10 000 years.

Cypriots wonderfully treat all foreigners (read below), while at the same time carefully preserving their national traditions. It should be noted that Cypriots are quite religious. Cyprus is an orthodox country. Rich Christian culture has found its reflection in the consciousness and the habits of modern Cypriots. In the evenings you can hear the church bells ringing, while during holidays and celebrations you will not find where to park you car next to the church. Cyprus is the number one country in the world in terms of the number of churches for every 1000 inhabitant.

Cypriots know the value of both work and leisure. They dedicate themselves completely in business, and resemble Western Europeans in this respect. Outside of work, however, when it comes to pleasure, the inhabitants of Cyprus have fun like Greeks, with all their family members, making a lot of noise, having great fun, while being peaceful and decent! On Fridays and on the weekends, you will see a lot of locals dressed in evening gowns, heading to their favorite restaurants and taverns. It is common for Cypriots to spend time with their friends and relatives during their free time, to talk and share their news and successes.


How are the foreigners treated?

Cyprus is the fifth top country in the world that is most attractive to move to for permanent residency (source – Knight Frank). There are many foreigners on the island, who make up more than 20% of the country’s population.

It suffices to say that the foreigners living on Cyprus can truly call this place their home. This is partially because guests are treated here with kindness and respect. Contrary to many other countries, historically, Cypriots treat foreigners living on their island really well. When planning to purchase a property here, during the selection and purchase process, you will be surprised how sincerely Cypriots are interested in the guests of the island, they are always ready to help, explain and show. Foreigners living on Cyprus do not have to change their habits, it suffices to remain friendly and social, just like the locals!

One more convenient side of life on the island is that there is no need to learn the local language, because virtually all Cypriots speak English and rather well. You will be surprised to see that most of the laptops owned by Cypriots have only Latin keyboards, without Greek letters. Cypriots find it easier to communicate in English, with foreigners as well as with each other, in this universal system everyone understands each other.

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