Real Estate in Cyprus

Cyprus is an island with its own unique soul and face, that is extremely sunny and colorful! It is not surprising that there are many people who have once visited the most beautiful island in the Mediterranean, think that it would be nice to stay here forever.

If you are one of those people and are planning to purchase real estate in Cyprus in the near future, then Grekodom specialists will certainly help you.

Cypus oftentimes becomes the place where people find a perfect balance of ancient history, landmarks, culture, comfortable stay and a wonderfully developed infrastructure. This island is not only a place where you can enjoy a wonderful vacation and comfortable life, but also successfully run a business.

Real estate in Cyprus is also a great option for capital investments, if you are not planning to permanently reside on the island, but rather come here for short visits, during the rest of the year you can lease your house, apartment or villa and receive a considerable income. 300 days of sunshine a year attract visitors from all over the world, who increasingly prefer to rent accommodation, instead of staying at a hotel that sets quite rigid accommodation regulations. That is why real estate properties are rarely empty, especially if they are located in resort areas.

If you haven’t yet decided which region you would like to purchase real estate in in Cyprus, you can rent something. This will give you an opportunity to get to know the local culture, traditions, habits of future neighbors and the atmosphere of life on the island. This, as a result, will let you make a calculated decision and make the most profitable purchase of your dream home!

Right now there is a variety of options that match any requirements and wishes and correspond to any budget. For example, the price for an apartment in Cyprus starts at 40 000 euros, at 120 000 euros for a townhouse, at 200 000 euros for a cottage, and from 350 000 euros for a villa.

At the same time, properties that can be visited right now are located in all regions of the island, even though the most popular real estate is located in Ayia Napa, Paphos, Larnaca and Limassol. Each city is a developed, modern resort center, offering all services and facilities that ensure an ideal vacation and life.

Our specialists are ready to arrange a real estate tour for you that will not only let you choose a specific real estate property, but also get acquainted with the peculiarities of living in any city of Cyprus. When purchasing real estate with Grekodom, you receive full information and legal support.

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