Rent out a property in Cyprus

If you bought a property in Cyprus, but you do not intend living there all year round, renting out your property can bring you good income.

Purchasing property in Cyprus has become a modern trend in Europe. The money you invest into a house purchase will be returned to you quite soon, in the form of a rent. Our company will help you find a reliable tenant, draw and sign the rent agreement, transfer the rent into your bank account and we will generally keep an eye on your property for you.  

Summer season on Cyprus as well as in other parts starts in April and lasts till October. Many foreigners prefer to rent a house for the whole year, not just for a couple of summer months. An average rent depends on a lot of factors such as the type of property, rent term, season, distance to the sea. For example, an average rent of a two-storey villa with a garden which is located not too far from the seafront will amount to €18.000 per year, or €250 per day, in case of short term rent. If you want to rent an apartment on the seafront in summer season, it will cost you some €40-55 per day.

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