Flamingo season in Cyprus

Flamingos flew to wintering at Aliki Lake in Larnaca and other salt lakes of Cyprus. Birds choose the island because there is something for them to eat. And the humidity level is more comfortable than in Italy, France, and Kazakhstan. In these countries, birds live during the remaining months. Sometimes African flamingos fly to Cyprus to escape the heat and drought.

Why Cyprus?

There are a lot of plankton and shrimps in its salt lakes. Flamingos dip their heads in water and get food. Favorite occupation of the bird can slowly engage in a whole day. Now on Lake Aliki, there are more than five thousand individuals. Compared to last year, the population has become much larger.

Flamingos arrive in winter to the lake in Larnaca each year. Therefore, it is worth planning a trip to Cyprus in January-February to see beautiful birds in such numbers. And it is not surprising that the flamingos are a symbol of Cyprus and a natural landmark.

The coast of the salt lake is equipped in such a way that tourists can admire the birds and not scare them. You can walk along the walking path, and from a special gazebo offers an incredible view of the lake. Birds can be photographed but without flash.

For reference

The fluff of newborn flamingos is painted in a light gray color, but over time it acquires a rich pink hue. This is due to the fact that birds feed on shrimp and algae, which contain a lot of carotenoids (dye). An adult bird consumes about one kilogram of crustaceans per day. In 2015, 2016 and 2018, a unique black flamingo was seen on a lake in Larnaca.

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