Cyprus: an up to date solution to the problem of garbage

Since April, a waste recycling plant has been operating in Limassol, in the Agias Silas industrial zone. Its construction was entrusted to CYPELLETS Ltd. This is a very significant event for the island nation since the environmental situation in the country was under the special control of the government.

President of the country Nikos Anastasiadis, heads of ministries and departments in charge of natural resources, agriculture, and ecology attended the opening of the waste recycling plant. The head of the Republic of Cyprus stressed that the government would support all initiatives related to improving the country's environment, both among local authorities and individuals.

Capacity and prospects of the enterprise

The waste recycling plant is equipped with the most modern equipment: the enterprise is capable of processing more than 150 kilograms of garbage in an hour. It can easily cope with plastic and polyethylene – this is one of the most toxic types of waste. The capacity of the plant will be enough to fully cover the island’s need for recycling.

The disintegration of plastic and polyethylene in natural conditions lasts hundreds of years and is accompanied by the release of harmful substances into the environment. Not to mention the fatal consequences for members of the fauna that absorb and sometimes get stuck in plastic and polyethylene. It is proved that among all human waste, these materials constitute more than 30%.

It is planned that the recycled plastic will be sold not only within the country but will also be exported. The counterparties of the plant will be enterprises that manufacture products from recycled plastic and polyethylene, for example, insulation materials. According to recent studies, plastic granules – a product of recycling plastic and plastic waste – are in demand and are characterized by stable demand.

Pressing issues

Objective number 1 for the Government of Cyprus is to organize the full functioning of the collection of household garbage. The Republic plans to switch to efficient waste management and a cyclical model of industrial development, which opens the way for the reuse of raw materials. The Government of Cyprus is working to ensure that the burial of waste on the island completely disappears.

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