Starting at the end of May, the free Internet will appear in Cyprus

The European Union aims to ensure that the entire territory of the union was covered by the free Internet. € 42 million has already been allocated for this program. The entire territory of the EU will be covered by the WI-FI network, presumably in a year and a half. The connection will be automatic – you will need to register in any country in the network only once. In this regard, the Wifi4eu program was initiated in Cyprus.


Wifi4eu program is initiated, first of all, with an eye to sparsely populated and remote regions, which providers usually bypass. And in the near future, there will be a large-scale installation of towers, distributing the Internet.

In the first place, attention will be directed to places of a large gathering of people: parks, libraries, medical institutions, museums, universities, and schools. Free internet will also be available to public transport passengers in three dozen municipalities of Cyprus.

The European Union has decided to selectively support the regions of Cyprus in setting up WI-FI distribution points in public transport. A total of 3400 applicants participated in the program. Of these, 32 Cypriot municipalities were selected, each of which received € 15,000 for the project.


Free Internet in public transport in Cyprus will be available soon in:


● The picturesque village of Agios Georgios Kafkallow, 50 km from the capital;

● Trahoni village in the Limassol district;

● The coastal town of Kato Pyrgos;

● Strovolose – a municipality and suburb of Nicosia;

● Agios Epifanios Orinis Village on the Nicosia-Palehori Highway;

● Psevdas village in Larnaca region;

● Coastal Greek-Cypriot village Xylophagou;

● Agros village in the Troodos Mountains in the Picilia region;

● The village of Direnie on the northern border with the Republic of Turkey;

● The city of Aradipu, north of Larnaca;

● The village of Peristerona in the foothills of the Troodos;

● The picturesque village of Pano Lefkara;

● Athena village in Larnaca district;

● Aglantzi – a municipality and suburb of Nicosia;

● The mountain village of Alona between the mountains of Madari and Paputsa;

● Fini Village in the Troodos Mountains;

● The lively village of Gehri, 10 kilometers southeast of Nicosia;

● The village of Ormidia in the Larnaca region;

● Mandria village 2 kilometers east of Timi.

The remaining settlements in the Republic of Cyprus will still be in standby mode. When the installation of fixed wireless Internet points is completed in them, specialists will proceed to the installation of equipment on public transport.

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