The "Chocolate" park is expected to be opened on Cyprus

In the autumn of Nicosia, a theme park will open – a real fairy tale for chocolate lovers. He will work from November to February. A chocolate factory and a museum dedicated to the treatment will be built in the park.

Geographically, the complex will be located on the territory of the Cyprus State Fairs Authority in Macedonia. At present, the state organization occupies more than 100,000 m2 under the open sky, and the area of ​​covered areas exceeds 30,000 m2.

Features of the thematic object 

The new park, according to the organizers, will attract more tourists to Nicosia after the end of the main tourist season. Construction will be completed in three months, and by November everything will be completely ready for receiving visitors. The initiators of the project chose “fantasy” as the main stylistics so that it would be interesting in the park for young children, teenagers and adults to have a rest.

During the construction process, the most modern visualization technologies will be used. Guests of the park will be able to take part in the journey and see for themselves what path the chocolate “passes” in order to get to the territory of Europe. The adventure begins in the American jungle, where cocoa beans grow. Then everyone will get on board the ship, which will “take” guests and cargo to Europe. There, cocoa beans fall into the hands of masters who already make chocolate from them. Be sure to be surprises, traps and dead ends.

In the theme park will be built photo zones, chocolate machines, a sweet library and other interesting objects, among which is a huge waterfall. Of course, instead of water, it will be chocolate.

Museum of sweet treats

The museum will see a huge number of exhibits dedicated to the production of chocolate: pictures of trees, which grow cocoa beans, fruit samples and evidence of amazing stories about cocoa.

In the chocolate museum, it will be possible not only to look at the sweet exhibits. Visitors will be able to try a variety of caramel and attend master classes in which experienced pastry chefs will tell you how to make delicious cookies or chocolates.

The chocolate shop will talk about the characteristics of chocolate packaging. There you can create your own product and then eat it.

In the park, there will be an art gallery dedicated to the most beautiful sculptures of caramel and works of art created with the help of chocolate.

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