Cyprus – the country with the largest population growth in the world

The statistical service of the European Union, Eurostat, conducted a study on population growth in European countries for 2018. Its result was the rating of the countries in which the largest population growth was recorded. In the top five was the Republic of Cyprus.

Statistics for Cyprus

According to Eurostat, at the beginning of 2018, 864.200 people were registered in the territory of the Republic of Cyprus. Exactly one year later, the country's population was already 875.900 people. The increase over 12 months was 11.700 people or 13.4%.

Enter the top five in population growth Cyprus helped indicator rapid decline in mortality – 2nd place among all countries of the European Union.

Statistics for other EU countries

According to the European Statistical Service, population growth is observed in 18 EU countries. Malta shows the largest indicator – an increase of 38 people for every thousand inhabitants. Behind her are Luxembourg and Ireland. In the Republic of Cyprus, the increase was 13 people. The minimum dynamics in Britain is 5 per thousand people. The statistical service identified European countries in which the population is declining – in Lithuania, Latvia, Croatia, Romania, and Bulgaria.

General Statistics

At the beginning of 2019, 513.5 million people were registered in the European Union. According to last year's data, the population was 512.4 million people. The increase was 1.1 million people. Positive dynamics is associated with the promotion of a healthy lifestyle and the improvement of the economic situation in many European countries. In particular, in Greece.

Last year, 5.3 billion people died in the European Union, and only 5 billion children were born. So far, the natural change in population has a negative trend. There may have been a net migration effect.

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