Cyprus will host Halloumi cheese festival in August

In the quiet village of Drusha*, 27 km from Paphos, on August 13 fans of Cypriot halloumi cheese will gather. Even though the cheese is home to a small village, it has already gained worldwide fame. Therefore, the flow of tourists to Drusha is only growing. For the first time, the halloumi festival was held here in 2018. Its success inspired the organizers to host the event this year.

Festival program

The festival will be held only one day, so it is better to plan a trip to the village of Drusha to be guaranteed to get to the cheese festival. The organizers are carefully preparing for the event. Everyone, of course, will be able to taste the freshest local cheese and traditional Cypriot dishes, listen to authentic music and dance from the heart. During the holiday, in addition to cheese, guests will be offered other local products. They can be purchased at a nice price.

Halloumi: features and taste

Halloumi cheese has a white color and a layered structure. In appearance, it can even be confused with mozzarella. It is characterized by moderate salinity and at the same time is quite hard. The main feature of cheese is the storage method. Pieces of cheese are placed in brine with fresh mint leaves. And it stays fresh for a long time and acquires a special taste.

For the preparation of halloumi, goat milk and sheep milk are used. Sometimes a small amount of cow's milk is added to the mixture. Halloumi is suitable for frying in a pan and on the grill because it has a high melting point. Locals eat cheese at any meal. In Cyprus, it is used for cooking various dishes.


* The village of Drusha is good at any time of the year. It is always quiet here, no one is in a hurry. Beautiful nature and a calm lifestyle of the local population help to distract and relax.

In summer, a comfortable microclimate is formed here thanks to the cool wind from the Akamas Nature Reserve. I come to Drusha for the lack of tourist bustle, wine, and agritourism.

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