Transporting a car to Cyprus: what you need to know

For many Cypriots, buying a car in another country is a great opportunity to save. After the conclusion of the transaction, the matter remains small – to transport the vehicle to the island. But sometimes transportation is an impossible task. In this case, you have to contact the intermediary companies that provide the service of delivering cars to Cyprus. As a result, transporting a vehicle is quite expensive.

Below are recommendations on how to arrange delivery with minimal time and money.

The nuances of transporting a car to Cyprus

● Delivery can only be arranged by sea.

● Customs documents are required to unload t / means in Cyprus.

● You need to pay taxes and fees.

Necessary papers

The collection of documents should begin with the receipt of the Delivery Order. This document is issued by the transport company, which is the organizer of the delivery. A customs declaration and a document confirming the registration of the car in Cyprus should be prepared. You will need a certificate from the Road Department, which indicates the level of carbon dioxide emissions for the transported machine. The originals of all these documents must pay taxes and fees.


New and used cars imported into the Republic of Cyprus from countries that are not members of the European Union (EU) are subject to mandatory import duties and VAT.

The amount of fees starts from 10% of the value of the vehicle. Value-added tax is calculated at a rate of 19% of the customs price of the car.

The procedure for importing cars in Cyprus

To pay import duties and VAT, you must fill out the SAD form. It is necessary to prepare a contract of sale, an invoice for the purchase, to calculate the customs value of the vehicle.

Owners of used cars need to provide customs with a certificate from the Department of Road Transport, which indicates how much carbon dioxide is released into the atmosphere during the operation of the vehicle. For new machines, the EU Certificate of Conformity is sufficient.

Import duties on cars depend on the category of vehicle. Also taken into account engine power and vehicle weight. After payment of all duties, the registration of vehicles in the Republic of Cyprus can be considered complete.

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