Cyprus promptly expands international flights

The Cyprus Ministry of Transport was able to quickly reach bilateral agreements to expand international communications with 8 states. According to the Ministry, with so many countries, Cyprus for the first time successfully and fairly quickly agreed. It usually takes a long time to sign bilateral air services agreements.

Negotiations, according to representatives of the relevant ministry, took place in December in the Jordanian city of Aqaba. The meeting resulted in 8 memoranda. Diplomatic documents were signed by the representatives of Chile, Jamaica, Colombia, East African Rwanda, Seychelles and Bahamas, Korea and Kenya.

Cyprus plans to continue negotiations with other countries since one of the strategic tasks of the Republic at present is precisely the expansion of air traffic. The Ministry of Transport of Cyprus is already conducting similar negotiations with the relevant Ministry of Bangladesh.

Pros of Air Expansion for Cyprus

Thanks to new agreements, the Republic of Cyprus can expand cooperation with states. Mostly, new flights can be arranged to make it easier for passengers to travel to Cyprus resorts.

Currently, the island state is focused on transforming tourist destinations from exclusively summer to year-round. Besides, Cyprus is doing everything possible to increase the tourist flow, including due to the early booking period.

3 millionth passenger

Recently, a 3 millionth passenger passed through Paphos Airport. The owner of the "anniversary" ticket was a tourist from Poland named Natalia. In the departure zone, she was greeted with applause by representatives of local media, the leadership of Paphos airport, the tourist operator Hermes, and even the mayor of the city, Fedonas Fedonos.

The girl was presented with Cypriot sweets and a magnificent bouquet. In an interview with the local press, she said that  this time, the rest in Cyprus was short, but it will certainly become unforgettable. Natalia also plans to visit Paphos again soon.

And the CEO of Hermes in an interview with the media noted that 3,000,000 passengers are real evidence of the growth of tourist flow and the development of the airport over the past 10 years. Hermes has operated Paphos Airport since 2006. The mark of 2,000,000 passengers was overcome in 2012, another 1,000,000 – over the next 7 years.

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