Cyprus selected as the venue for the International Emmy Awards semi-finals

The International Emmy Awards semifinal this year will be held in Cyprus. As part of the competition, two qualifying rounds will be held, as a result of which the finalists will be announced. The winners themselves will be announced on November 23 during a gala dinner to be held in New York.

Emmy and Cyprus

The International Emmy Awards is already 48 times this year. But do not confuse it with EMMY. Both competitions are prestigious television events: EMMY figurines receive the best shows and TV shows created in the United States, and the International Emmy Awards is presented to television projects from other countries.

The organizer of the competition in Cyprus is a large television academy, which has 500 film companies and more than 700 academics.

Cyprus was not chosen for the event by chance. Namely, the Olivewood film company has recently appeared here, which uses Hollywood stars in the filming of films. Two films have already been shot in Cyprus with William Baldwin and Nicholas Cage.


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