Thanks to the new network of optical fibers, Cyprus will soon have internet of high speed

Thanks to the new network, which will be placed along the Mediterranean ocean, the internet speed on the island of Cyprus will be significantly raised. A large-scale project called “Arsinoi” will be processed by Cyta, the largest telecommunications company of Cyprus.

The new fiber network will connect Cyprus with France and Egypt and the speed of internet connection in the island, as well as the quality of the cloud application will be significantly improved. “Arsinoi” will additionally help transform Cyprus to an international telecommunications junction, a kind of bridge between west and east, increasing the business opportunities. The necessary licenses for the initiation of the project have been received by Ministry of Transportation, Communications and Public Projects and Cyta will start the application in the proximate future. The contractor’s representatives promise that the use of the network for commercial purposes will be possible from early 2022. The grounding spot of the system in Cyprus will be located in Geroskipou, at the southwest coast of the island.

According to Giannis Karousos, Minister of Transportation, Communications and Public Projects of Cyprus, it is on the state’s best interest to support the creation and modernization of infrastructures which will enforce the sector of telecommunications and, therefore, the relevant financial activities in the country. He also noted that this is significantly important given the fact that this project will lead to the increase of exports of services and will contribute in the strategical upgrade of Cyprus, from financial and political aspect. Taking into consideration that the new telecommunications network will also be used by neighboring states, the financial benefits for the island are undoubted and obvious.

During the creation of the underwater fiber network “Arsinoi”, modern technologies will be used to make it as liable and enduring as possible. The CEO of Cyta, Andreas Neoklous, noted that the investment to international infrastructures and the simultaneous development of Cyta Fiber and a 5G network in the island is a necessary condition for the successful introduction of Cyprus in the global electronic ecosystem, without which its stable development is not possible. He separately thanked Minister Karousos for the full support of the project.

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