Who can travel in Cyprus?

On 18th of March, the Ministry of Health in Cyprus published a new registry of countries divided into categories on the status of the epidemic. Great Britain, Jordan, Israel, Russia and other countries were in the “Grey” zone. In comparison with the previous edition, the new list has small changes.

Who is currently allowed to enter?

  • Citizens and family members
  • Citizens of limited European countries
  • Individuals with residence permits in Cyprus
  • Diplomatic employees
  • Foreign employees in companies which operate within the country

Citizens of other countries with special invitations/permissions.

Travelers shall bear with them an RT-PCR COVID-19 certificate with negative result, the latest 72 hours before departure, or be submitted in a diagnostic COVID-19 test upon their arrival in Cyprus airport. In addition, travelers shall remain in quarantine for two weeks (14 days). The tenth day, a 2nd test may occur, and if the outcome is negative, the quarantine ends.

Special rules for United Kingdom citizens

British citizens arriving in Cyprus before 31.03 shall be submitted to tests upon their arrival at the destination airport. Consequently, they are submitted in quarantine for one week in hotels especially intended for this purpose. On the 8th day of the quarantine, a second test is conducted. All the expenses are covered by the Republic. If the test is negative, then they are allowed to depart from the hotel to their home where they are supposed to remain another three days in quarantine.
United Kingdom is also in the “Grey” zone and is submitted to the same restrictions. The only difference is that foreign citizens shall be submitted to tests and be isolated on their own expenses.

Rules for citizens from other zones

The country has set entrance rules for other zones as well. Therefore, citizens arriving from the “Green” zone do not need certificates, only a test with expenses covered by the Cypriot side. From April 1st, all the restrictions will be completely repealed. For “orange” zone, a certificate with negative coronavirus test is necessary, which shall be conducted the latest 72 hours before arriving in the country.

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