Real estate agents will help you to rent or to rent out the property in Greece and Cyprus

Real estate agents will help you to rent or to rent out the property in Greece and Cyprus 

  • Rent in Greece is an important issue for many people planning to move to this beautiful European country. A specialist is required in order to solve this issue as most of the agents are specialized in purchase and sale of properties. If you are planning to rent a house, flat or studio its worth to deal with a qualified agent specialized in property rent. 

Real estate agent will find the best option for rent 

  • Competition level in the real estate markets of Greece and Cyprus is very high that why real estate agents’ services are advantageous for a lessee. These specialists have access to extensive information comparing with the information one may find in the internet. Furthermore, real estate agents have information about unlisted properties. 

  • Real estate agent can negotiate a decreased advance payment. If a lessee has a negative credit history, a real estate agent can persuade a lessor to agree with a guarantee deposit. In many cases a real estate agent helps to sign monthly contracts with a lessor after expiration of one-year contract 



Real estate agents are aware of market prices 

  • A qualified real estate agent must have experience in the specific region of clients’ interest.
    Such specialist can estimate a property precise value and define optimal rent price. 

Real estate agent will thoroughly analyze all parameters of a property: area, facilitieslocation  

  • The above-mentioned characteristics should be compared to those of other houses and apartments of preferred district (the comparison is usually made between 3-4 properties). After that a real estate agent makes a conclusion about the optimal rent price. The goal of a specialist is to help a lessor to get the maximal benefit from rent. At the same time the rent price should not exceed the market price, otherwise the property will “hang” in the market for several months. 

To find a qualified agent working in real estate – is to make your dream about comfortable life in Greece and Cyprus come true. If you are an owner of propertiesyou can profitably rent it out. 


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