Ministry of Migration is Coming Soon to Cyprus

Cyprus Parliament approved the establishment of a crucial authority to manage migration processes.


The Parliament of the Republic of Cyprus took a historic decision to establish the Ministry of Migration, marking a significant step in managing migration processes on the island. This decision has been recognized by the head of the Ministry of Interior, Konstantinos Ioannou, as pivotal for the country's development in the field of migration.

Transfer of Responsibilities

The Ministry of Interior will delegate its duties regarding document issuance and family law management to the new ministry. This will allow for a more effective resolution of migration-related issues and ensure specialized attention to this area.

Formulation of Migration Policy

The Ministry of Migration will play a crucial role in formulating and implementing the country's migration policy. It will be responsible for issuing residence permits, and citizenship naturalization procedures, as well as granting refugee status and humanitarian status.

Appointment of the First Minister of Migration

President of the Republic of Cyprus, Nikos Christodoulides, will soon appoint the first Minister of Migration. This step will be an important milestone in structuring and staffing the new authority, as well as a confirmation of the country's serious intentions to improve the management of migration processes.


The establishment of the Ministry of Migration in Cyprus opens a new chapter in the country's history and underscores its commitment to more effective and fair management of migration processes. This is a significant step towards protecting the rights and interests of migrants on the island and creating a more favorable environment for all citizens.

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