Trikala bloomed "solar tree"

In a great Greek city of Trikala in Thessalia, a miracle tree is a source of electrical energy. Talking about the construction of the metal frame, with five branches and two seats. The idea, study, design and implementation of this project are owned by the company "ROTORAS", specializing in the issues of renewable energy, generating energy an independent structure, which provides services for citizens and can be used in a variety of areas.

This design uses solar energy using photovoltaic elements of five modules, each of which is placed on one of the branches-metal structures. On each branch set waterproof point spot lighting with LED lamps.

In the center of the tree is selected touch screen which allows you to use special software to manage and operate with additional structure features built-in electronic application. Through a touch screen, users can view Web pages, find their places in the city, use Skype or even be photographed in "tree".

As well as the tree is designed to assist people with disabilities who use electric wheelchairs. Now the long walk Passing in the Center will not be a problem for them, it is always near a great tree-charging.

Previously the city was launched first in Greece unique driverless bus.

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