Arkova Elena

Hello! I am in love with Greece, coming here for holidays every summer, usually on the Chalkidiki peninsula. The country itself causes only positive emotions. It's very calm here, you feel safe and surrounded by your closest people: Greeks are very friendly, always willing to help, they know how to have a good time and enjoy life. Now that my son has to go to university, I am thinking of buying a property in the city of Thessaloniki. Thessaloniki has a large university, one of the largest in the Balkans, at the same time to get to Chalkidiki, it takes you just 40 minutes by car. We contacted Grekodom, asking for help with the selection of options closer to the university and did not regret it. Thank you all for your attention and patience with us! And the staff who conducted the tour and lawyers are very competent, excellently speak in Russian. We ended with a one-room apartment near the center and will arrive in August to sign the treaty.)