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House on the beach – a dream closer than you think

The dream to buy a house by the sea not only once has visited our mind. Going to the another one journey, we sometimes ask ourselves: "I wonder, could I live in this country?". After a cloudy autumn or frozen spring that winter does not let go of its cold embrace, when we want so much to bask in the gentle sun, we often imagine bathed by warm light coastline with golden sand, which is gently caressed by the sea waves.

To have your own house abroad for many seems to be a pie in the sky – utopia. But only few ones can imagine that a house in Europe can cost several times cheaper than in your own country.

For example, a small apartment with view of the azure sea, at the famous resort of Greece, fantastic peninsula of Chalkidiki, in fact, costs about 40-45 thousand euro, for 80-100 thousand one can get a chic detached house with a swimming pool, garden and private beach in the background patio. The apartments in big cities cost much cheaper than in other countries. In the secondary market, the one-bedroom apartment in Athens or Thessaloniki can be bought for 25-30 thousand euro, and if you're not going to move permanently, then it will be profitable to rent it out for the numerous tourists or students.

In Greece, there are still pristine, untouched by civilization places, and even in the popular tourist enclaves one can find a quiet, tranquil area for family life or leisure. Especially, lots of such places are located on the "fingers" of Chalkidiki: Kassandra, Sithonia and Mount Athos, as well as on the islands of the Ionian and Aegean: Thasos, Zakynthos, Ithaca, Corfu, Kefalonia, Euboea, Zakynthos.

The evergreen forests, perfect environment, clear sea, wild beaches and romantic bays - all these could easily become an integral part of your family life. The feeling of safety and carelessness - this is what many people look for in Greece, and certainly they find it here.

To drink a glass of Greek wine on the terrace of your own house with a view of the majestic Mount Olympus or the endless blue sea, enjoying life in the unhurried rhythm of Greece - with Grekodom Development it is simple and affordable. Our company will assist you to choose the appropriate property and organize your trip to Greece so that you can view them live. When you choose a suitable house near the sea, the company will prepare all the necessary documents, and after 7-10 days you will be able to move to the Mediterranean summer.

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