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Project Architectural Design from Grekodom development

Public and private buildings design is an initial stage of their construction which precedes other stages. Not unless you are in possession of a building design plan and specifications that you can start with its construction or with reconstruction of an existing building.


Greekodom Developments performs residential and non-residential buildings design. Making design plans of a residential building is a complex process including its heating, electricity, water supply and sewerage systems design as well as the design of an air conditioning and ventilation system.

Besides, we design non-residential buildings at various levels of complexity. Design and construction is performed in strict compliance with existing rules and regulations which enable further commissioning of the building. You can only start with the house construction when you have its complete and detailed design plan and all necessary specifications starting from its architectural design model and ending up with its utility and support systems project plan.


3D Design.

You have made up your mind to construct a house of your own, and you have plenty of ideas of what this house should look like. But a draft drawing or a verbal description of your ideas may not be sufficient for your architect to understand and to implement what you want. Only a high quality design solution can ensure your own safety as well as the building’s long life cycle. Lack of a good design plan or its poor quality may result in extra costs or in equally poor quality of construction work.

Modern technologies made construction plans development much faster and less expensive. Computer aided 3D visualization helps improve the design solution quality and the accuracy of its preliminary model representations.

A 3d model designed by a highly qualified professional ensures that your project will be implemented efficiently and with high quality. Graphic software enables the engineer to create a very detailed model of your future house and to take into consideration all particulars of its design and of the building materials you are planning to use. 3d Models allow him to notice and to correct all possible design mistakes at this initial stage of project development. Computer Aided Visualization enables you to see your future house and the area around it in smallest details, starting from your swimming pools and garages and ending up with walking paths and playgrounds.

3d design enables the project engineer to present and view the object’s architecture in different projections and sections and, which is even more important, to more accurately define the amount of construction work and time required for their completion. You can also create and view several design solutions of your future house or even go on a tour and closely inspect every room and even count steps on every stair going to the attic or to the upper floor nursery.


Grekodom Development engineers treat every project individually and with the utmost concern. Their teams are well coordinated and work in close contact which guarantees that your future house will meet all top quality standards and that it will satisfy your own requirements and desires.

Project plans design implies that two important documents must be developed: conceptual design and contractor’s design. The first one comprises documents used for project design discussion with the project engineer while the second one includes all prior discussions results and all possible project alterations and amendments which were made during the conceptual design discussion. That’s the basic document the construction company is supposed to use. But in any case, only a complete set of design plans and specifications guarantee that your ideas are clearly understood and will be fully implemented by the project engineer and architects.

While creating 3d models of your future house or its 4 plane façade solutions, the project architect takes into consideration all applicable rules and regulations which set requirements to the house layout, construction materials, service lines and ventilation layout etc. Later, after the design plan has been approved by the local authorities and construction permissions duly granted, foundation solutions are designed considering geological properties of the land, as well as the house walls, ceilings and floors and its roof designs. This complicated work will result in a professional design solution of your dream house which will be constructed in the ancient land of gods and myths heroes.


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