Purchase a vehicle in Greece, Europe

The Company Grekodom Development offers to its customers assistance in car purchasing   in Greece. Our specialists provide assistance and support at all stages of the purchase of the vehicle.

The cost of these services starts from 250 + (VAT) euro.

This service includes:

  • • Selection and search of a vehicle according to the criteria of the client
  • • Collection of documents necessary for the registration of the vehicle
  • • Submission of documents for the registration of the vehicle (without paying taxes)
  • • Assistance in the organization of inspection of the technical condition
  • • Negotiations with the owners of vehicles.

The cost of inspection of the technical condition of the vehicle starts from 50 euro.

The cost of the insurance of the vehicle starts from 100 euro (for 6 months).


Transport tax  for 2015

The tax rates are set depending on engine size and gas emission:

from   51 cm3     

till   300 cm3       

22 euro

from   301 cm3       

till   758 cm3          

55 euro

from   786 cm3       

till  1.071 cm3       

120 euro

from   1.072 cm3   

till  1.357 cm3      

135 euro

from  1.358 cm3   

till  1.548 cm3      

240 euro

from   1.549 cm3   

till  1.738 cm3      

265 euro

from   1.739 cm3 

till   1.928 cm3     

300 euro

from   1.929 cm3    

till   2.357 cm3    

660 euro

from  2.358 cm3   

till   3.000 cm3    

880 euro

from   3.001 cm3   

till  4.000 cm3    

1.000 euro

from  4.001 cm3   

and above            

1.320 euro

The passenger cars that have passed the first registration in Greece since 01/11/2010 onwards, solely on the basis of carbon dioxide emission.

The scale of emissions CO2 (gr/km)

The annual transport tax for grams of emissions in Euro

0 – 100 gr/km         

0 euro

101 – 120 gr/km              

0,90 euro

121 – 140 gr/km              

1,10 euro

141 – 160 gr/km              

1,70 euro

161 – 180 gr/km         

2,25 euro

181 – 200 gr/km              

2,55 euro

201 – 250 gr/km              

2,80 euro

Above 251 gr/km            

3,40 euro

How it applies? For example, the emissions of CO2 of the car is 102 gr/ km. To calculate the exact amount of the tax, it is necessary to multiply the 102 gr / km at 0,90 €. Thus, in 2014 the total tax amount is 91,80 €.

There is no obligation to pay transport tax:

1) If the vehicle has not been used, as it is defined by law (delivery of the license plate if the vehicle is not used voluntarily, or of the related documents in case the vehicle is not in use involuntarily) until 1 January of the year for which it is necessary to pay the tax and remains immobile:

- Passenger cars and motorcycles for the whole calendar year (1/1-31/12).

- Trucks and buses in the whole calendar semester.

2) The vehicle is exempt from paying transport tax if the amount of carbon dioxide emissions is below 100 gr / km and the vehicle was registered after 01.11.2010.


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