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Greece is one of the best places for boating in Europe – or probably all over the world. Its waters are rich with various islands, big and small, featuring beautiful landscapes and stunning views.

The country is washed by the Aegean Sea in the east, the Ionic see in the west, the Mediterranean and the Sea of Crete in the south. The Aegean Sea is abundant in desert islands, and their picturesque coves are a perfect hideaway when you feel tired of civilization. You can easily navigate between those islands and sail in any direction you choose. The Ionic Islands are covered with lavish greenery, and they are best suited for peace and rest. Sailing boats are available for sale, or you may choose to hire it. Both options give you a good opportunity to choose the ways you want to travel.

Every island you visit will surprise you with its unique beauty and its original spirit. If you decide to take a longer stay in some island, you’ll have a good chance to enjoy its hospitality, and the friendly locals will happily tell you its history and its myths.

Greece has 300 sunny days a year; its Mediterranean climate is mild and healthy. Storms are unlikely in summer time, but you may experience heavy winds which often change their direction due to the great number of rocky islands.

Most people believe that boating is not something they can afford. That is not quite so, because a sailing boat freight shared by a group of good friends will not cost you more than you’d pay for a hotel. So why not choose the freedom of a sailing boat or a good chance to explore the vast sea waters with a motor boat? The price is almost the same. Besides, you can always take a couple of lessons before you leave the shore.


Buying a Boat in Greece

Choosing a boat and buying it is not an easy matter, and it needs some good preparation. Grekodom Development staff will help you find a way among the vast number of boats available, to discuss all material details with the boat owner and finally, to sign the boat purchase contract, insure your new property and find a good mooring place for it.

The process of buying and selling of the craft requires a number of documents and the implementation of some provided actions.

The craft must be registered in special ship registers of the competent Port Authority  depending on their size:

- Ship Register of small crafts (up to 12 meters);

- Ship Register of large crafts (more than 12 meters).

These crafts also differ in their designation for amateur (Samples of documents) or professional (Samples of documents).

For this category of craft, the owner shall obtain a special permission to operate the craft.

*In case if the owner of the craft is a foreigner, a prerequisite for obtaining this permission is a commencement of the business activity by a specific code.

Thus, depending on the type and purpose of the vessel for which it is intended, after its purchase (as evidenced by a private agreement), certain procedures must be followed.

 Terms of the final decision or the implementation of all procedures on the same day (at the height of the season - five working days from the date of submission of all documents)

*The above documentation and conditions are also applied and in the cases of such declarations to any port authority.

You can now visit our official website for yachts: http://ellinyacht.com

All you have to do is contact our representative or call our main office in Thessaloniki: +30 2310 591431, e-mail: sales@grekodom.com

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