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Rent a car in Greece

If you decide to enjoy the beauty of Greek nature independently, car rental is your best choice.

Terms and Conditions of Car Rental:

  • Minimal driving experience, 1 year.
  • Minimal age, 23 years.
  • In some cases, if the client is under 23 years of age and can’t present a valid credit card, the rental service may be refused.
  • Petrol is purchased and paid for by the client. In case the client gets a fully tanked car, he is supposed to return it with the same amount of petrol in its tank.
  • All fines for infringement of traffic regulations are payable by the person who rented the car.

Insurance covers:

  • Indemnity to third parties.
  • Death or injury.

Terms of Rent:

The minimal term of car rent is 1 day. Discounts are offered to clients who rent a car for periods longer than one day. Rental time exceeding the term initially agreed upon is paid additionally.

Second driver.

If you expect another person to drive the car you are renting, it is required that this person’s particulars are entered into the Car Rental Contract, for a minimal additional fee.

Baby and child seats are paid for additionally.

All car rental prices in Europe are quoted in Euro.

Greekodom Development offers 10% car rental discount to all clients who purchased property via our company.