Grekodom Development company operates successfully for more than 12 years in the field of real estate in Greece, offering its services, guidance and assistance not only on the subject of property selection , but also in the construction sector, as well as in the field of investment. Our highly qualified, clients'-needs-oriented specialists, will stand by you, inform you and support you up to the last moment of the property purchasing process and make sure you get the best possible deal.

  • If you represent a real estate agency or work in the field of tourism;
  • If you have clients who rely on your competence and professionalism;
  • If you wish to develop your business profile and need up-to-date and reliable information;
  • If your clients are interested in purchasing real estate abroad and they trust your company

Then we will be happy to cooperate and help you get to know the real estate market in Greece and Cyprus.

The offices of GREKODOM development company operate in Thessaloniki and Athens, on the peninsula of Chalkidiki, on the islands Crete, Corfu, in the region of Pieria. In Russia the company is represented in Moscow, Saint Petersburg. In Ukraine – in the city of Kiev. In Kazakhstan – in the city of Astana. That allows us to satisfy any requirements of even the most demanding clients.

For a successful cooperation we recommend you to:

  • attend seminars in our offices;
  • install the property frame on your website;
  • listen to our webinars;
  •  participate in real estate info-tours;
  • attend our business lunches and other events organized by our company.

As a first step you need to conclude a partnership agreement with Grekodom Development company. To accomplish this, you can send us a request in any format to our e-mail or fill out the form below.

Application for Partnership

Your next step is to install the property frame on your website. Now your clients can get acquainted with our immerse real estate database, directly from your company's site!

The technology of the frames is simple and comes down to the ready block code layout on your site, provided by us. It should be noted that in the frame it is not mentioned that the properties are represented by the company Grekodom. There is no indication or reference to Grekodom. For the end client this is your site, it is your best real estate database in Greece!

The system makes it easier to demonstrate properties directly to clients in your office. Clients select properties themselves and you act as their real estate agent. You can benefit in many ways by installing our frame on your website, including the opportunity to learn a new activity, to offer to your clients new services in the field of real estate. And, last but not least, you get access to the largest real estate database in Greece, all under your company's logotype. 

The installation of the frame is free!

Besides free installation, you get absolutely free of charge frame support, where our IT specialists monitor and maintain the error free and smooth operation of the entire system.

If you already have a real estate database from other countries, then we suggest you enrich it further and take it a few steps beyond by embedding our properties in it. To assist you in that process, we will provide your programmers with an XML file.

Frame type and its installation

We also offer you the chance to participate in our educational webinars, where we

  • expand on the advantages of real estate ownership in Greece as an argument for your clients
  • share all our secrets with regards to the simplicity and effectiveness of the real estate marketing tools that we have developed for you
  • ins and outs on the uniqueness and the inherent possibilities from our joint cooperation.

Together, we can discover, work and develop new promising areas.


The Company Grekodom Development is constantly updating and expanding its horizons and is ready to offer our partners something quite innovative - we undertake all the process of the creation of your company’s website!

Website for the Partners

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