Mortgages in Greece

Our company makes every effort to ensure the most profitable transactions for the customer. Aiming to assist the clients, the company Grekodom Development offers the new loan services.

Purpose of the Loan

-Purchase of property or property under construction in Greece (residence, holiday home, land, as well as land intended for property construction)

-Property Construction (construction/completion)

Loan Type

- A loan comprised of interest and capital and is granted via regular disbursements.


- The loan will be granted in euro.

Crediting rate

- From 4,5% to 5% per annum


- In case of purchase, the amount of the loan should not exceed the amount of the debt, as mentioned in the contract. The maximum percentage of lending is defined at 60% of the market value of the property.


- The maximum duration of the loan is set at 15 years. Necessary requirement constitutes that the obligor should not exceed the 65 years of age at the maturity of the loan.

Supporting Documents

The following documentation will be required

- Valid passport or Identification card. As for non-European Union citizens an entry visa or entry stamp and, as appropriate, a temporary residence permit or other equivalent document will be required.

- Regarding employed persons:

  • Recent Salary Slips (that have been issued in the residence country of the obligor).
  • Recent salary certification by the employing Company.

- Regarding Free-lancers: 2 Recent Salary Slips.

- Documentation that certifies the employment state of the obligor.

- Any document certifying the permanent residence of the obligor.

- A bureau score certification (in reference to the last month), issued by the respective competent institution of the obligor’s origin country, mentioning all their current loan commitments.

- Copy of the VAT Identification Number issued in Greece

- Copy of the representative’s telephone bill for the confirmation of the address details as well as the telephone number.


Actions of the Obligor

The granting loan procedure will be done based on a special power of attorney in English language attached the Greek translation.

  • The plenipotentiary must be a lawyer, inland permanent resident and with Greek citizenship.
  • The power of attorney will cover all the steps of the mortgage loan granting, from the submission of the application to the signing of the contract and the disbursement of the loan.
  • The power of attorney will be given to the obligator/obligators from the beginning of the procedure and must be signed in the original form in both languages, while it is also required the authentication of the signature.
  • The obligator should appear in person at least once, the latter before the signing of the loan contract, at the branch responsible for the loan that will be granted to them and, additionally, to provide a sample of signature.

Update-Customer Service of the Obligator

It is obligatory the opening of the e-banking account, via which will be possible the update – customer service of the obligator.

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