Current projects

Grekodom Development uses innovative scientific solutions and experience gained by generations of builders to develop and implement the boldest projects. 2014 had a dynamic start, and the company has numerous plans and projects that are being developed or even constructed.
Among our developments under construction is a single-floor cottage with a basement. The cottage overlooks the see and the mountains and is currently being built. Design works are scheduled after the completion of the construction phase.


We continue to work on our project in Chaniotis. A construction permit for the restaurant has already been obtained. We plan to reconstruct the building completely, to develop a new project, to change its facade and to carry out all improvement works in the restaurant and around it.


Office in Katerini has been repaired. We carried out complete reconstruction of the premise and siding of the office.

A residential complex in Siviri is currently on the stage of development, and a construction permit has been obtained.

All necessary works will be carried out as in a house in Nikiti.


We have obtained a construction permit for a two-storey cottage on the isle of Corfu with further landscape design. The works are currently being schedules.

We have also entered into a contract for the redecoration of a hotel complex on the isle of Evija. All facilities are to be delivered on a turnkey basis. It means that we carry out the whole complex of works, including preparation, design and construction works, design planning, complex sanitary engineering works, insulation of walls and floors, whole range of planting, landscape design and territory improvement works. . High quality and professional approach to all types of works are guaranteed by the use of modern technologies and elaborate selection of materials for each construction object. We carefully control all stages of the works to secure their utmost efficiency.



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