Golden Card

Grekodom Development company's goal is customer's satisfaction at any stage of the transaction, as well as their comfortable stay in Greece and Cyprus after the purchase of the property. To succeed this goal, we developed a new discount program. At the time of the transaction of purchase and sale, our clients receive a Gold Card, which simplifies the design of services in the companies of the holding Mouzenidis Group and gives the right to the following discounts:


  •       50% discount on service in the VIP lounge of the airport of Thessaloniki and in the CIP lounge of the airport of Heraklion (Crete)
  •      10% discount on car rentals
  •      5% discount on services of construction (e.g, installing a television antenna, landscaping, construction of swimming pools)
  •      5% discount on air-tickets
  •      5% discount on excursions

Discount card ''Golden Card'' shall be presented together with the passport and is valid only for the services provided by the companies of Mouzenidis Group holding. 

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