Real estate familiarisation tour in Greece

Grekodom Development offers its clients a special tour designed for those who are interested in getting familiar with property in Greece. Below is one of the possible itineraries we offer to visitors willing to purchase property in this country.

If you wish to order our service including property inspection, kindly call our company representative in any of the CIS countries or our hotel guide in Greece. You will have an opportunity  to see a certain type of property on your choice (apartments, villas etc) or different types of property (plots, cottages, townhouses, apartments or exquisite property). It will provide you with complete information concerning a house purchase in Greece.


Price of Service:

Property inspection for a group of 1-4 people - €80 (inclusive of transfer, the service of a company representative, property and its neighborhood inspection). THIS AMOUNT IS REFUNDED IN CASE THE PROPERTY IS PURCHASED!

Transfer from the airport to your hotel and back (see current price catalogue)

Accommodation at Grand Hotel5*, Thessaloniki (see current price catalogue)

VIP service at Macedonia Airport, Thessaloniki (on request for additional fee)


Documents visitors are requested to have (in case they decide to purchase some property)

  • Valid passport
  • Visa valid in Greece
  • Document confirming the buyer’s permanent address (national passport issued by the buyer’s country of citizenship)

Statement of employment which serves as an official document confirming the buyer’s main occupation (type of occupation is irrelevant).

Copy of Tax declaration (or Income Tax Statement (NDFL)). The amount of income displayed is not relevant and it is not correlated with the price of property. A document confirming the income is also required, for registration as a Tax Payer in Greece.

To place an order for property selection, you can email us to:

Or call us in Greece: +30 2310 591 431


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