Ready business in Greece

  Greece is one of the most favorable countries in the EU for doing business by foreigners. Many foreigners have already had the chance of experiencing this, when they started a business from scratch or by purchasing a successful business in Greece.

  A business in Greece is a unique combination of established business traditions and an openness to innovation. Today anyone can purchase a business in Greece, the legislation provides the most favorable conditions for it. And today there are numerous companies that assist in settling any legal aspects in preparing and completing the sale and purchase.

  Grekodom experts, who have years of experience in the field, will highlight the main aspects that an investor should take into consideration. Hence, in order to purchase a hotel business in Greece, it is important to study the legislation, since the corporate tax is one of the highest in the EU. However, Law 89 foresees a number of tax benefits for foreign investors.

  One of the most popular options for foreigners is the purchase of an existing business. This way, you can purchase a hotel in Greece, that is already actively operating in the market, has its own customer base, a regular profit and make money almost from day one.

    It is known that profit from a real estate business in Greece is almost guaranteed, since tourism has long been one of the main sources of funds for the budget of the country, developing and growing every year more actively.

  Even a small amount may be efficient for the initial investment. This means that in order to acquire a hotel in Greece, you need an amount ranging from several hundred thousand euros up to several million euros, however, a small mini- or a boutique-hotel may cost less than 100 000 euros. At the same time, having established a proper pricing policy and marketing strategy, a profit from a business in Greece, even with such a capital investment, will be not lower than in a resort consisting of more than 100 guestrooms, comparing the amount of investment with the profit received from operations.

  We often hear “How much does a business cost in Greece?”, which is quite a difficult question to answer! Like in any other country, there is a myriad of absolutely different investment options. Therefore, the question that you should ask, when planning to enter the market in Greece, is “How much do I want to invest?”. And depending on the available resources, Grekodom experts will select the most profitable offers for you!


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