Real Estate in Ayia Napa

Popular resort, located in the Eastern part of Cyprus, known for its vibrant and rich nightlife, frequently referred to as the «Cypriot Ibiza”. Night clubs, restaurants, taverns, bars and beach entertainment meet guests of the coast throughout the long tourist season. At the same time, this place is open for all categories of guests, not only those who appreciate the nightlife. This affordable resort is attractive for family vacations, its infrastructure has been developed in such a way that families with children find this place to be comfortable, interesting and safe. And it is no coincidence that parents that have already been here, share their experiences and memories – there is an aquapark, wide beaches with golden sand, that regularly receive awards for being environmentally friendly and convenient, shallow sea next to the coastline, that is quite comfortable for children.


Feel at home in Cyprus

After visiting Cyprus, many tourists get excited with the idea of returning to the island that they can call home. And they return here, in order to make a choice and purchase real estate. Ayia Napa is an attractive option for those who are planning to spend their vacation here with their family and friends, as well as for those who are looking to invest in real estate. Leasing an apartment can become a successful start and a source of regular income, the resort is popular, and even after the end of the high season in the summer, there are still plenty of guests who come to Cyprus for a quiet, healthy vacation by the sea.

Ancient legend and a modern truth: a city that is worth living in

Ayia Napa has long been well known among the residents of the island, as a place that is favorable for living. Sometime ago there was a dense forest next to the coastline, that the residents of the nearby villages used to hunt in. Once, in the forest wilderness, they found a cave, in which they discovered an old icon of Virgin Mary. Such an amazing discovery was interpreted as a good sign for this place, and soon after people began to settle next to the forest, along the coastline, and this place took the name of Ayia Napa, which means “Sacred Forests”.

It is known that in each ancient legend that is a great share of truth, and today’s attractiveness of Ayia Napa only goes to prove that. If you decide to purchase real estate in Ayia Napa, get acquainted with the neighborhoods of the city in detail, Grekodom Development specialists, who know not only the available properties, but also the specifics of the infrastructure of the city, will assist you in making this decision. Would you like to have an apartment near the coast line, where most of the events, festivals and celebrations of the city take place? Or would you prefer to live in a relatively quiet neighborhood where you can enjoy a laid-back Cypriot lifestyle?

A language you can understand: multilingual city

If you have decided to purchase an apartment or a villa in Ayia Napa, a language barrier is the last thing you should worry about. This tourist city is multilingual, there is staff working in all the different spheres who speak foreign languages.

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