Real Estate in Kavala

Greek real estate in Kavala – a picturesque city by the Aegean Sea  

Kavala (Neapolis – since the days of Apostle Paul) is one of the biggest cities located on the coast of the Aegean Sea. Cozy houses of the locals are built in such a way that from up above they resemble an amphitheater framed by light-blue water of the sea. Rustic culture, elegant architecture and Greek cuisine, renowned for its rich taste and fragrant flavors, are the three magnets, attracting tourists and investors from all over the world.

Kavala has a very important economic value. There are large shopping centers, artisan stores, tobacco warehouses, manufacturing plants and high-end boutiques. All these exist in harmony with paved walkways of authentic streets, charming marble buildings, colorful flowerbeds filled with roses and orchids, heartwarming Orthodox chapels and ancient museums. The highlight of Kavala is the legendary Byzantine fortress.

Real Estate in Kavala: investing in tourism

Purchasing real estate in Kavala, an alluring city, boasting fantastic beaches, is an excellent opportunity to invest in a profitable tourism enterprise.  The beaches of Kavala (Rapsani, Batis, Kalamitsa, Perigali, Ammolofi) have been awarded Blue Flags for cleanliness and comfort, offered to travelers.

Commercial real estate in Kavala is an opportunity to quickly receive return on investment and build a successful enterprise in the tourism industry. Real estate investments in Kavala have a number of significant benefits:

  • Available commercial and premium properties;
  • Developed infrastructure, including advanced tech facilities;
  • Favorable conditions provided by the Greek government to foreign investors;
  • A chance of conducting business in a developed European country;
  • Affordable prices for land and commercial real estate itself;
  • Relatively easy return on investment.

Commercial real estate in Kavala offers high liquidity rates. If you wish to purchase an apartment, a villa, or even a hotel prior to the start of the tourist season, choose Kavala. This city has a high potential for the organization, establishment and successful development of an enterprise in the tourism industry.

Residential real estate in Kavala: residence permit and choosing a house of your dreams

Almost all tourists, who have once visited Kavala and who have decided to purchase residential real estate in Greece, prefer this city. The promenade, illuminated in the evenings by dozens of lights and neon signs, is what makes the biggest impression on the tourists. This is where all the streets begin from. Resembling narrow streams, they spread in opposite directions, each street in different one.

If all roads lead to Rome, then all streets of Kavala lead to the Symvolos mountain – to its very peak, crowned by a remarkable Byzantine fortress, built in the Middle Ages.

It is the authentic atmosphere, the eclectic ambiance of the narrow streets and buildings that hypnotize and mesmerize tourists, who wish to purchase apartments, villas and townhouses in this wonderful place. An extremely rich cultural life will keep you entertained for many years to come. Purchase a small piece of Greece and open your heart to the extraordinary culture and traditions of one of the most flamboyant countries in the world!   

Owners of real estate in Greece are entitled to a multiple-entry visa, which allows them to stay in Greece for a period of up to 180 days a year. If the value of the purchased real estate exceeds the amount of 250,000 euros, the owner has the right to apply for a residence permit as per a simplified procedure. In this case, not only the owner of the real estate property in Greece, but also their spouse, children and both parents are entitled to receive a residence permit, valid for 5 years. 

Upon receiving the residence permit valid for 5 years, you are automatically granted the possibility to live in the country up to 365 days per year, to purchase a car with Greek number plates, freely travel within the EU, enroll your children in the best schools and universities in Greece, as well as in any other country in the EU.

Owning a house, a villa, an apartment or a townhouse in the Greek town of Kavala will open an array of opportunities for you. If you are not planning to live in Greece permanently, you can rent your property out, thus ensuring a regular income in euros.

The employees of Grekodom Development company will help you choose the perfect property that will become your own paradise by the sea. Should you wish to purchase commercial real estate with the purpose of developing an enterprise in the tourism industry, our specialists will help you in compiling a profitable business plan, minimizing the potential risks and understanding the taxation system.

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