Real estate on Cephalonia island. Sale and rent of houses, apartments, villas and cottages

Kefalonia is the largest island of the Ionian Sea, located in the western part of Greece, between the islands of Lefkada and Zakynthos; the administrative center of the island is the town of Argostoli.

On the island with turquoise crystal clear sea, bordering the coast with superb white sandy beaches, there are many beautiful coves and bays, creating a bizarre coastline. Its north coast is rocky, with small clean secluded sandy beaches, in the southern part of the island there are large extended sandy beaches.

Kefalonia is practically not famous destination in mass tourism, it remains a part of authentic Greek culture. The island became world famous due to the film «Captain Corelli's Mandolin», filmed here 15 years ago. Since then, the travelers’ interest has increased, Kefalonia has been added to the list of places must to visit in Greece. Today the island is gaining popularity among the admirers of beautiful beaches (one of the most attractive is Myrtos beach), striking natural scenery and hasteless excursions. The island provides comfortable rest in any season, its excellent landscapes and healthy gastronomy complete the rest with worthy views and tastes.

How to get to the Kefalonia. Transport on the island.

By sea: there is a connection with the mainland Greece - boats to the port of the city of Patras (2 hours drive from Athens) and to the port of Kyllini (3 hours drive from Athens).

On the ferry, boat or yacht, one can reach the nearby Greek islands of Lefkada, Zakynthos, Ithaca.

In summer, cruise companies include Kefalonia in their routes from Italy. The passenger cruise liners, the route of which begins in the cities of Bari or Brindisi (Italy), after stops in Corfu and Igoumenitsa, moor to Kefalonia in the resort town of Sami and continue the way to the port of Patras.

By plane: The island has an international airport that serves flights to European cities, including the capital of Greece, Athens (flight time 45 minutes).

Roads. Thanks to modern roads, the island is convenient for traveling by car. Those who choose a more relaxing pace, can explore the island during the cycle riding.

In addition, Kefalonia is perfect for horse riding, and hiking trails that run through the charming villages and Mount Ainos National Park, which preserves rare species of flora and fauna.

Property in Kefalonia

Greece as a whole is a country, promising for investments in real estate not only to generate income, but also to stay. In recent years, property in Kefalonia acquires growing interest for investors. For several years, the island has become a popular destination among residents of European countries who buy here home for their own residence, for coming here time to time, or buying residential and commercial real estate for the purpose of the regular profit earning. The property offers in Kefalonia have their important place in the ranking of consumer priorities: demand on the island’s property has increased by almost 4 times over the past 5-6 years.

Advantages of buying on the property on the island of Kefalonia

• Beautiful scenery and deep history

The landscapes of the islands are contrasting and varied: long sandy coastline, quiet cozy beaches and strange caves, mountains and coastal cliffs, abundant vegetation, filling the landscape with color and volume from season to season.

The history of the island is interesting and attractive, is carefully preserved by the archaeological sites, churches, museums. To get the idea about the traditions and architecture, lifestyle and customs that came from the past centuries, to learn about how Kefalonia lives and has lived, one can travelling from village to village, each of which is beautiful and unusual, as well as visiting festivals and local holidays.

• Fertile climate

The mild Mediterranean climate with warm winters, comfortable and colorful springs and autumns, with hot sunny summers. There are more than 300 days of sunshine per year. In winter on the island the warmth and comfort are provided by southerly wind; special microclimate creates favorable conditions for the island’s vegetation.

• Tourism infrastructure

Kefalonia is a destination not for the mass, but the selective tourism. On the island there are excellent hotels, restaurants, water sports and diving centers.

• Transport accessibility

See above. «How to get to Kefalonia. Transport on the island»

• Stability

Social and political stability in Greece, as well as the country’s membership in the EU provide a peaceful living conditions for the Greek real estate owners who have decided to choose the island as their home.

• Properties price

The relatively low level of prices on the real estate of the highest category is one of the advantages of Kefalonia in comparison with other islands. Buying a property in Greece, the owner receives a number of bonuses, including affordable accommodation on the island: many services, goods and services cost by a third cheaper than in Cyprus, almost half cheaper than in similar coastal regions of other Mediterranean countries (Spain, Portugal).

• The friendliness of the locals

The residents of the island are known for their hospitality. Besides, this can be said for any region of Greece. However, in Kefalonia it is easy to distinguish the authentic interest and friendliness towards the «new» residents, foreigners: new neighbors for the Kefalonians often become friends.

• Security

In Greece in general and on Kefalonia in particular according to the official statistics of recent years there is one of the lowest crime rates in Europe. The island has its own special «neighbor» atmosphere, sociability and collaborative engagement of the locals create the environment of trust and tranquility.

What is the difference of Kefalonia from other popular real estate markets?

The conditions that are similar in climate and in many ways similar to Kefalonia on tourist attraction can be found in different parts of the Mediterranean: Cyprus and Malta, Turkey, Spain, Portugal or France. However, buying a property in Greece has a distinct advantage: real estate in the same categories in other countries have a higher cost, while located in areas oversaturated with construction due to the active development of tourism, not kept its natural physiognomy in many ways. For those who are wondering about where to buy real estate in Greece at reasonable prices, Kefalonia today remains attractive as a living, vivid and distinctive island, offering different categories of properties at a competitive price.

How to buy property in Kefalonia

Choosing a region of Greece for inspection and purchase of a house or commercial property, it is necessary to address to experts, realtors. The company Grekodom Development experts can arrange a familiarization tour to Kefalonia and demonstration of the property of interest, and in the case of conclusion of a transaction will provide the necessary assistance in the preparation and processing of documents.

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