Real estate in Kriaritsi. Sale and rent of houses, apartments, villas and cottages

Real Estate in Kriaritsi


The settlement Kriaritsi is located in an ecologically clean coast of the peninsula Sithonia, in a picturesque area, each point here offers beautiful panoramic views. It’s viewy, no doubt about that. To the traveler’s amazed look not only watery waste of Aegean Sea is available, but also the forest-covered hills of Sithonia, mystical coast of Mount Athos, as well as the picturesque island of Lemnos, Agios Efstratios and Sporades islands.


The peninsula Sithonia is famous for its luxurious spotlessly clean sandy beaches and its coastline in the settlement Kriaritsi area is one of the best places for a beach holiday on the peninsula. Over 6.5 km, one will not find any pebbles or larger stones or mud or algae. The local sand beaches are safe and comfortable for relaxing. The lace of the beach zone consists of large and small bays, alternating with rocky cliffs, rising above the water in a picturesque way.


The climate is Mediterranean, with mild short winter and summer, different from the more southern areas of Greece with the absence of high temperatures and sweltering heat. The geographical position of the peninsula and continuous sea breezes favours it, as well as a flat area on the territory of which the settlement is located and the surrounding forest.

Besides, due to the overall ecological situation on the peninsula, as well as perfectly deliberate plan of the settlement’ development and well-designed and installed systems of water supply, sewerage and biological treatment, no mosquitoes and other harmful insects were noticed in Kriaritsi.


The designers of the Kriaritsi settlement managed to fit it perfectly into the surrounding landscape, highlighting its unique natural beauty. Particular attention was also paid by the creators of free access to the sea and the beaches of the settlement. In addition, all infrastructure support systems are equipped with reliable protection and are not able to exert harmful effects on the environment.

The plots of land

Each plot has an exact area of 500 sq.m. and building permission of the main house with the total floor area of 120 sq.m., the basement of 120 sq.m. and ancillary facilities of 40 sq.m. All plots of land have access to two-way asphalt road and the ability to connect (after the relevant building permission) to two independent networks of water supply (of potable and technical use), sewage network, telecommunications network (telephone and Internet), electricity network.

All plots of land have an unobstructed view of the sea and Mount Athos. The distance from the coastline varies from 20 to 600 m.

Purchase of real estate in Kriaritsi

Purchase of the real estate in Kriaritsi is a profitable and safe investment. Whatever the economic situation in your home country is, the investment in real estate in Kriaritsi not only saves your invested capital, but also will bring a substantial profit. Even if are not planning in the near future to build a house, a plot of land can be profitable to resell, because land in Sithonia is liquid assets, the price of which is always growing from year to year. The assortment of the company Grekodom contains more than 2.000 properties across Greece and in addition to buying a property in Kriaritsi company can offer the plots of land in Sithonia, but also no less favorable land on Chalkidiki peninsula that enjoy a good popularity among investors. Contact our company, and the experienced managers of the Grekodom Development will assist you to make the marketable investment and to purchase a property of your dreams.

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