Real estate in Limassol

On the south coast of Cyprus, where Limassol is located, the resorts are busy throughout the year. And while during the hot summer season there is a hustle and bustle on the beaches and the hotels are filled with holidaymakers, during the rest of the year, owners of resort properties enjoy their vacation in this warm seaside city.

A resort that is attractive all year round

You can enjoy the Mediterranean climate and European lifestyle regardless of the season, Limassol lets you enjoy an active life in night clubs, by attracting both party animals and those who love resort fun, with tasting of outstanding Cypriot wines, as well as guests, who are looking to have a quiet relaxing vacation. People often come here with their families, there are great conditions for vacations with children, including an amusement park, three aquaparks, the only zoo on Cyprus in the amusement park. Guests who prefer to combine business with pleasure also prefer this resort, the ambiance promotes a great rest and management of business, while staying in a comfortable beach resort. 

Limassol is also a wonderful place for shopping. Numerous celebrations take place here, including the Limassol Carnival Festival and the Wine carnival. There are large infrastructure projects that are being developed here, for example the construction of one of the largest yacht marinas in the Mediterranean (for 600 yachts, including 70 mega-yachts) There are numerous British schools here, including universities. East of Limassol there are hills with wonderful views of the city and the sea. On the hills you will find prestigious suburbs of the city, such as Kalogiri, Agios Tichonas, Germasogeia, Agios Athanasios, Agia Fila and others.

Investing in real estate

In addition to the tourist interest, Limassol is attractive for real estate investments. A practically never-ending tourist season guaranteed a constant demand for apartments and villas from tourists, many of who prefer independent home-like accommodation in cozy apartments in the resort over a stay at a hotel. High demand in private apartments guarantees a high return on purchased real estate. In addition to great weather conditions, an additional advantage for property owners and tenants is the fact that the resort is comfortable in terms of language.

Grekodom office in Limassol

If you are interested in purchasing real estate in Limassol, we recommend consulting services of Grekodom Development. It should be noted that the office of Grekodom is located in Limassol, the city is convenient as a tourist center, a popular resort, as well as a starting point for getting acquainted with the island for those who are interested in purchasing an apartment, a house or a villa. Managers and expert of the company will select properties in both Limassol and the surrounding areas, as well as accompany you, if necessary, to inspect the property in any part of the island.

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