Real estate in Paphos, Cyprus. Sale and rent of houses, apartments, villas and cottages

The name of this resort in Cyprus speaks for itself: prestigious, prestigious, presentable. In Paphos, there is almost no hustle and bustle, characteristic for coastal resorts traditionally chosen for active family holidays or vacations with children. This place is chosen by wealthy travelers, who appreciate Paphos for its exclusive dolce vita comfort and style, for its top notch restaurants, the opportunity to remain incognito, and, if desired, on the contrary – to be the center of attention.

Two images of Paphos

The city is divided into two parts – upper and lower Paphos. The part of the city located on a hill, is the business Pahos, it is the administrative and commercial center. Tourists, coming here for vacation, are interested in Kato Paphos, the lower part of the city, where there are plenty of historical and archaeological landmarks, whereas along the coast there is a variety of hotels, restaurants and taverns. As the city is becoming more and more popular, its image is changing accordingly, in particular, Paphos now has a new promenade, where tourists can walk up until the marina, while enjoying magnificent sea views along the way.

Property acquisition as an investment option

The cost of real estate in Paphos can be explained by the prestige of the resort. Apartments located here are in steady demand. Apartments or villas are not cheap, compared to more affordable resorts of the island, but the prices are justified: purchase of a real estate property in Paphos is a profitable investment.

A villa or a house in Paphos can become a source of steady income. Each season numerous tourists, who prefer to rent accommodation, visit the home of Aphrodite. Apart from apartments near the coastline, there is an increased demand for luxury real estate in this part of Cyprus. Tenants are constantly looking for luxury residential properties, therefore the owners of a resort villa can secure a steady income for themselves.

Paphos’ real estate: what do the experts say?

If you are considering to purchase real estate in Paphos, a smart step in the process of selecting a property will be to receive consultation from real estate experts. Start with a real estate tour, during which managers of Grekodom Development will not only accompany you to inspect the proposed real estate properties for sale, but will also introduce you to the characteristics of living in the city, such an excursion will help you in understanding the differences between the regions and neighborhoods of the city, to evaluate the variety of the properties and to make a calculated decision. When purchasing an apartment or a house in Paphos, Grekodom clients are offered all the necessary information and legal support.

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